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Well begun is half done
     2011-February-24  08:53    Shenzhen Daily

    James Baquet

    The proverb “Well begun is half done” was actually referred to as a proverb through Aristotle, who passed away 322 B.C., therefore it to be a renowned saying even prior to his time. That wrote: “The wrong lies in the beginning; together the proverb says, ‘Well started is fifty percent done;’ for this reason an error at the beginning, though fairly small, bears the same proportion to the errors in the various other parts.”

    In other words, if you execute something well at the beginning, you space halfway to a effective completion.

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    Here’s the saying in a dialogue.

    James look at his student, a girl named Rosa, scratching she head in the library.

    James: Hey, Rosa. Whatcha workin’ on?

    Rosa: Hi, James. I need to write a letter and also I’m struggling over the opening.

    James: Yeah, “Well started is fifty percent done” and also all that.

    Rosa: Yup. And also what’s the saying around “First impressions?”

    James: One funny version is “First impressions last.”

    Rosa: Huh?

    James: It way that what world think of friend at first can have actually a irreversible effect. It deserve to “last” a lengthy time.

    Rosa: acquired it. Anyway, I’m having actually trouble composing this pitch to the school tasks office because that a brand-new club.

    James: for this reason this is persuasive writing.

    Rosa: i hope so!

    James: Well, then, after you greet them properly, state merely what you desire to do. Then present what demands your new club will certainly meet.

    Rosa: So, like, “Dear administrators blah blah blah” climate “I am writing to request formation of a an innovative writing club,” then maybe bullet my 3 or four reasons?

    James: Exactly. “This club will fill the complying with needs: a, b, c, yada yada yada.”

    Rosa: Perfect. Thanks, James!

    James: No problem. Creating is my forte!

    Notes top top the dialogue:

    — Scratching one’s head: an indication of man or indecision.

    — One funny variation etc.: This is funny because the words “first” and also “last” space opposites, even though the definition of “last” below is different.

    — A pitch: A proposal for a brand-new idea.

    — ns hope so: Rosa is do a small joke. “Persuasive writing” is a classification or genre the writing; Rosa is saying she wishes it truly does guide the administration.

    — “Blah blah blah” and “yada yada yada”: 2 informal, spoken ways to say “et cetera” or “and for this reason on.”

    — To cartridge something: To do a list through bullet points, i beg your pardon is simpler to read than a perform within a paragraph (like these notes top top the dialogue).

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    — other is one’s forte: “Forte” here way “strong point.” In this meaning it is best pronounced prefer “fort.” However, numerous speakers have puzzled it v the Italian music term an interpretation “loud” i m sorry is express “FOR-tay,” therefore this together is now often heard.