Hollywood actress and model LisaRaye McCoy freshly spoke around her figure in Tupac’s last music video, ‘Toss that Up’.

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Born in Chicago, LisaRaye do her acting debut in the 1998 comedy/drama, ‘The football player Club’. The movie, written and also directed by ice Cube on his directorial debut, likewise stars Jamie Foxx and Bernie Mac. In the movie, LisaRaye dram the component of Diana ‘Diamond’ Armstrong, a student working at the football player club.


“I remember this one details video the was huge,” she said TV One. “It was Tupac’s video clip ‘Toss the Up’ through Danny Boy and Aaron room . I said, ‘I am gon’ audition because that this and also I’m gon’ be very directable. Castle gon’ desire me! So i went in there and I did mine best tiny . And also the male said, ‘You gained the part.’ ns was like, ‘Yes! Really, I’m one actress, here’s my resumé.’ that looked back and he said, ‘You gained this project as the actress and model in this video.’ Oh, okay. Not a problem. Yet that’s okay, due to the fact that a couple of months after that, I obtain a contact for an audition for Player’s Club.”

After the ‘Toss it Up’ video clip shoot wrapped, Tupac asked her to concerned Las las vegas to cave out. Tupac was involved in a drive-by shoot the adhering to day. As a result, six days later, after ~ fighting because that his life, Tupac died.

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LisaRaye lands role on The football player ClubOnce she uncovered out that she secured the part, LisaRaye handed director Lionel C. Martin her resume. Word spread around her performance in Tupac’s ‘Toss it Up’ video. As a result, a couple of months later, LisaRaye received a phone speak to for an audition for Players Club.

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LisaRaye went to Hollywood and also became successful, all achieved through the movie players Club. Although she play a stripper, she recalls being okay with it. Talking around this LisaRaye said “I knew that I had a pretty body, ns was younger in ~ the time. I didn’t give a damn since I knew i was act a movie through Ice Cube, Jamie Foxx, Bernie Mac.”