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I was all ready to leaving for course this morning. I obtained into mine bug, started it up and also then CRAP! The red temp light comes on, flashing and also beeping at me. My car started like normal. Nothing appeared out the the ordinary. The blue temp light was on prefer usually, yet maybe five seconds later on then red temp light replaces it. What a pretty Christmas surprise! deserve to someone phone call me few of the things I have to take a look at before I walk seeking experienced help? ns know about the lot feared water pump and also I\"m hoping this isn\"t my problem.Please help a fellow Orger.
Don\"t understand if this is neccessarily the reason but... Check the coolant reservoir for liquid level. Be sure to optimal off v the appropriate coolant...
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Coolant reservoir is full? Gotta it is in a water pump, nearly for certain, but likewise may be a negative thermostat. Ns suggest having it towed come the dealer or where ever before you acquire service. Carry out NOT drive it.
Red way it\"s overheating, blue flashing way low coolant.It\"s feasible the tempature sensor has failed. It\"s also possible the water pump has actually failed. View if her coolant level is full, if it is i would inspect to watch if the coolant tempature sensor, top top the best hand next of the engine, especially where that is ns cannot remember, has actually a black or green top. If it\"s a black top it\"s the old sensor style and those every are recognized to fail, change it through a eco-friendly one. If it to be cold out and the light went blue then straight to red then it\"s much more likely the tempature sensor... Specifically if this was the an initial crank that the day. The auto doens\"t overheat that quickly, specifically if it\"s below 40 outside and it satellite all night.
No it doesn\"t. Red flashing means coolant level is low, hard red w/buzzing way it is overheating.
I dubbed three dealers, VWoA and I\"ll examine the Bentley when I acquire home.They every agree: blue means an electric malfunction, typically the tempature sensor, has failed or is not working properly. They additionally said it can be a authorize of short coolant, it shows a \"non an important cooling system malfunction\"The Red light typically only go off once the waterpump has failed, it suggests that the automobile is overheated. They stated it deserve to indicate the it is low coolant, but much more often it way the coolant is no cooling the engine.So, again, ns say: Blue way you\"re short on coolant and/or have a sensor problem, Red method your pump has failed. As soon as the owner it s okay the difficulty resolved we have the right to then determine if i was best or wrong.
I just wanted to add that 2 weeks ago, i cold-started CEL-ine after ~ work and got the hard blue light as usual climate in around 5 seconds it changed to hard red (no flashing or beeping). Needless come say (which is why I\"m going come say it) ns was deep disheartened. I shut it off and turned the on three times with the very same result. The coolant was above the \"LOW\" mark on the reservoir but I included some VW coolant come raise the level. Haven\"t had actually the problem since...

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All (he is) offer (war) a chance...
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Mine did the a while ago ... Coolant was low. The dealer added distilled water ... Ns think it to be distilled water. Can\"t psychic what kind of water is \"ok\". :O
Low coolant level, probably less than a pint needed to satisfy level move permissive and also nix the light.

Man, this is RAD!
This taken place to me. Had actually a very slow leak in the rad. Interestingly, the didn\"t drip ~ above the ground at all. You had to look at under the auto to watch where the crusted over on the underside. I had the red light and also alarm walk on one morning. Confirm coolant level - to be low. Gained some G12 at the nearest VW dealer (drove a friend\"s truck), mixed it 50/50 through dist. Water and also filled the reservoir come MAX line. Just kept mine eye on it and also kept topping that up till I can get mine rad replaced.The rad is created of mixed metal and also plastic, and mine cracked on where the two meet. Yet, the leak was so slow, the you couldn\"t view it unless you slide under the car and also looked up. If topping up your coolant renders the alarm walk away, climate you have actually a leak in the coolant system. If it doesn\"t then it might be the water pump or a sensor. Look because that drips. An excellent luck
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