Say what friend will about the "Shrek" series, yet it definitely has continuing to be power. Two decades after the premiere the the an initial installment, even with the novelty of the movies" fairytale-shredding conceit and pop culture oversaturation having actually long worn off, we still watch and talk about them practically as frequently as us did as soon as they to be fresh news. And, v a feasible reboot in the works, it won"t be how amazing if this decade brings about a whole new wave the Shrek-mania.

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One point that explains why "Shrek" is still so renowned is that, also if you strip away all the now-dated references and painfully 2000s humor, the movies space still, at their core, wildly inventive and witty endeavors, with more comedic concepts per scene 보다 your average family film will serve up in 90 minutes. Several aspects of the an initial two "Shrek" movies, particularly, still host up well sufficient to obtain touted every various other day top top Twitter by a Gen Z-er finding out them because that the very first time. And also foremost among those facets is the Fairy Godmother of "Shrek 2."

The movie"s de-facto villain, the Fairy Godmother is the summary of what the "Shrek" franchise has it in for when it comes to sending up traditional fairytales. She"s one abject, ruthless enforcer the retrograde ideas about beauty and also belonging, that will stop at nothing come ensure her boy Prince Charming becomes the leader of far Far Away. And, together it happens, she"s likewise an pure hoot — i beg your pardon is early out as lot to the writing regarding the brilliant voice actress who plays her.

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To fill out many of its main cast, the "Shrek" movies had a way of springing because that superstar actors — Mike Meyers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, and Antonio reversal all get top billing in "Shrek 2," and subsequent installments would include the likes that Justin Timberlake and also Amy Poehler. The function of the Fairy Godmother, however, was offered to a lovely British actress whose name wasn"t precisely synonymous through box office gold in phibìc America.

And that"s a great thing, too, since nobody can have play the role better than Jennifer Saunders. Recognized primarily because that co-creating and also starring in the eighties lay out comedy display "French and Saunders" and its spin-off sitcom "Absolutely Fabulous," Saunders is a legend the the small screen in the UK, as well as one the the country"s most dependable comedians and entertainers. A 2005 "Reader"s Digest" poll of 4000 women chosen her together Britain"s fourth-funniest woman (via Digital Spy).

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It"s no coincidence the she was given that title so soon after "Shrek 2" — the duty of the Fairy Godmother calls for Saunders come do every little thing from scoring guffaws to projecting menace to belting out "Holding the end for a Hero," and also she traction it all off with aplomb. It"s a truly impressive performance the won her a well-deserved People"s an option Award for favourite Movie rogue (via IMDb), not to cite an even higher honor, via Metro: having her to sing complimented by Julie Andrews.