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linguistic irony is usually characterized as speech that has actually the opposite an interpretation of what the words in reality mean. Sarcasm is one example. Another form of verbal irony occurs once speech is misinterpreted so the one or an ext characters take it a different an interpretation than the speak intends. Some examples of verbal...

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Verbal irony is usually characterized as decided that has actually the opposite definition of what the words in reality mean. Sarcasm is one example. Another form of verbal irony occurs when speech is misinterpreted so that one or more characters take a different definition than the speak intends. Some examples of linguistic irony indigenous Romeo and Juliet are noted below.

When Mercutio receive the fatal punch from Tybalt, Benvolio asks the if he is hurt. The replies, "Ay, ay, a scratch, a scratch." in ~ a couple of lines, he has died.

When the Nurse concerns tell Juliet about Mercutio"s death, she enters right into her common circumlocutions and leads Juliet to think that Romeo has been killed instead. The Nurse moans, "Alack the day, he"s gone, he"s killed, he"s dead." Juliet asks for clarification, and the Nurse says, "O Romeo, Romeo, anyone would have thought it? Romeo!" This leads Juliet come the not correct conclusion, and also it takes the Nurse a frustratingly long time to collection the record straight.

Another i of verbal irony occurs as soon as Lady Capulet pertains to Juliet"s room to discuss the date of her marriage to Paris. Juliet chooses she words closely at first, hope to deceive her mother around her love for Romeo. She says:

Indeed, I never shall be satisfiedWith Romeo till i behold him—dead—Is my poor heart, so for a kinsman vexed.Madam, if you can find out but a manTo be affected by each other a poison, I would temper it,That Romeo should, ~ above receipt thereof,Soon sleep in quiet. O, how my heart abhorsTo hear that named and also cannot pertained to himTo wreak the love ns bore mine cousinUpon his body the hath slaughtered him.

This speech have the right to be construed two ways. Juliet means that she loves Romeo and would alter the poison expected to kill him so that it would just make that sleep peacefully. She desires to bestow the love she felt because that Tybalt together her cousin on Romeo, she husband.

However, the phrasing permits her mother to believe that Juliet wants revenge on Romeo for Tybalt"s death. Juliet does not save this ruse up because that long. Once Lady Capulet announces the wedding date, Juliet clearly states she will only marry Romeo. However, it"s unclear whether Lady Capulet understands Juliet"s words. She might take them as mere hyperbole—Juliet"s way of reflecting her stubborn refusal to marry Paris.

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In that exact same scene, mr Capulet offers verbal irony as soon as he sarcastically insults the nurse. He refers to her together "my Lady Wisdom" and "Good Prudence." Thus, Shakespeare employs linguistic irony in several intriguing means in Romeo and also Juliet.