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Current yellow Gram Bar Values

How much is yellow worth today? The values listed below only reflect the intrinsic gold value, no rarity value. Together the price of yellow increases, smaller sized gram-sized bars will likely become much more popular (for example, most world will not have the ability to afford one-ounce coins). The live yellow price below is offered to calculate the gold gram bar value (USD):Gold gram bar calculations usage the live gold price because that September 16, 2021: Gold
$1746.57/oz -47.77Description
Gold worth (USD)
1 gram yellow bar$56.15
2.5 gram yellow bar$140.38
5 gram gold bar$280.76
10 gram yellow bar$561.53
20 gram gold bar$1123.07
50 gram yellow bar$2807.67
100 gram gold bar$5615.35
1 kilogram (kg) gold bar$56153.52

Gold Bar Ebay Auctions (gram-sized only)

Ebay is among the finest sites to understand existing market prices in all bullion products. Also if you"re not interested in buying an ext bars, you can follow auctions of bars you already own to understand just how high the premiums are reaching currently. The calculator below assumes the yellow is .999+ pure (24K), please use the key calculator if the purity is no 24K. Yellow Gram Calculator:

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Current gold Grain Bar Values

Raw gold nuggets are commonly measured in grain devices (1 grain = .002083333 troy ounces), yet I"ve seen more than a couple of one grain gold bars in ~ collectible shows. Also keep in mental that around 15.5 grains same 1 gram. The live yellow price below is supplied to calculation the gold grain worth (USD):Gold grain bar calculations use the live gold price for September 16, 2021: Gold
$1746.57/oz -47.77
DescriptionGold worth (USD)
1 grain gold bar$3.63
2.5 grain yellow bar$9.09
5 grain yellow bar$18.19

Gold grain Bar Ebay Auctions

There normally aren"t too plenty of gold grain bar auctions ~ above eBay, various other than raw nuggets. Every now and then you"ll view a refined bar measure up in grains and also assayed.

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The calculator listed below assumes the yellow is .999+ pure (24K), please use the key calculator if the purity is not 24K. Gold Grain Calculator:

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