We have actually lyrics for "Ultraviolet" by these artists:Alexz Johnson Everybody knows the truthEverybody sees ideal throughThe…Amarante ...It pours in through the windowBright irradiate on her ski…Annetenna oh ... Five ...He is a wave and also he"s breakingHe"s…Au/Ra I need to cover upWear my sunscreen"Cause anyone deserve to see yo…Dagny If i wait now, I"m over here nowTrying come fill…Denison Marrs We"ll find our futureWhere ultraviolet light ray collideIncre…Echo Tail all these feelings will disappearTrapped in ~ a royal residence of…Eminence feat. Holly Drummond friend tell me lies so easilyThey loss out your mouth…Erra This high is all that"s left of usA hallucinogenic conserv…FKA twigs Don"t worry this faceHold my hand in errorDon"t phone call of…FKA twig Don"t concern this faceHold my hand in errorDon"t phone call of…Freya Ridings keeping it locked awayA mystery on every pageBut currently you"re…Joanna and the world goes round and roundAnd life walk up…Joanna Pacitti (And the human being goes round and also roundand life goes…John Foxx & luigi Gordon You come crashing through the wallsWhen the conversation st…Jon Aro take me whereby we made our an initial glanceHearts to win in…Karl Bartos Blue. Green. Yellow.

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Red.My brand-new life in mine head:The day…Kites I will fly a yellow record sun in her skyWhen…Lakeside X If you ever before say the story endsI think I"ll understandIf…McFly nothing goes come planIt"s every the video game of opportunity they…Miami horror You let him strangle youThat guided come the pastIf what…prettyboyshav photos in mine head prefer a movieI"m shooting prefer a…Rachel Bochner at your residence party Stumbled into the kitchenHeard girlfriend tho…Stiff Dylans She"s a wave and also she is breakingShe"s a trouble to…The Amazons ns was to run in and also out that doorsAnd ns was…The B-52"s spread out your wild particle on abundant groundPlug an additional feed to…The Extra Glenns under on the gulf coast where they rock and also rollI…The Killers OooohSometimes ns feel choose I don"t knowSometimes i feel li…The Kites I will fly a yellow document sun in your skyWhen…The stiff Dylans She"s a wave and she is breakingShe"s a problem to…Thomas Dekker "ULTRAVIOLET"All diamonds and no rust,This is a thrill, …Thomas Mraz Я хочу знать столько языковСколько побывало в её рту за…Twigs Don"t worry this faceHold mine hand in errorDon"t phone call of…U2 OhSometimes ns feel choose I don"t knowSometimes ns feel lik…Young Kato five god what a feelingwhen your warmth lips pressed on…♪ FKA Twigs Don"t issue this faceHold mine hand in errorDon"t call of…倖田來未 gain it get it nowGet it get it get it…The text can commonly be discovered in the comment below, through filtering because that lyric videos or looking the comment in the different videos below.