Safe Towing Preparation

The an initial step in gaining ready to tow your boat is making sure your towing car is as much as the task—a small vehicle might not have the ability to safely take care of the load.

You also need come make certain that you have actually the ideal trailer, hitch and safety chains because that the job.

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Like her boat, your trailer need to come v a capacity plate attached. Before hitting the road, inspect the plate come make sure that your trailer has the volume to lug not just the load of her boat, but additionally the motor, fuel and also any extr gear you room taking top top board.

Pay specific attention to the tongue weight significant on the capacity plate. A tongue that is too hefty will make it difficult to steer, when a tongue that is as well light may result in the boat fishtailing.

Finally, enhance the trailer class with the proper hitch. The coupler must never be smaller than the size of the round hitch. Constantly make certain that that the hitch and ball room secure before leaving the driveway.


Match the trailer course with the appropriate hitch


Class 1

not to exceed 2000 lb.

Class 2

2001 lb. To 3500 lb.

Class 3

3501 lb. To 5000 lb.

Class 4

over 5000 lb. Approximately 12,000 lb.

Make sure your trailer has the capacity to carry your boat and motor, fuel and extr gear onboard.

Gross Axle load Rating (GAWR) and Gross automobile Weight Rating

You can uncover out whether her towing vehicle and your trailer are up come the task of safely towing your watercraft by checking your Gross Axle weight Rating and Gross car Weight Rating.

Both your trailer and vehicle come through these ratings, which can be uncovered in the owner’s manuals.

It is necessary that you never ever exceed 80% that the recommended load ratings for either your vehicle or trailer.

When you room buying a trailer or a towing vehicle, constantly consult through the dealer come make certain that friend are obtaining the appropriate trailer and vehicle to accomplish your towing needs.


Final preparation for Towing a Boat

Here room the last steps you should take before heading the end on the roadway with her trailered boat.

Make sure that your watercraft is focused on the trailer and that any type of fuel and gear are dispersed evenly. As with on the water, one uneven load can reason instability. It additionally makes steering and maneuvering much much more difficult.Tie down all loose items and also equipment in and on her boat.When it is registered the trailer to the towing vehicle, make sure to crisscross your chains under the frame. The chain must be able to support the load of the entire load. This is critical for safety if the hitch must break.Check come make sure that the trailer brake lights and directional lights are all working. That method other vehicle drivers will recognize when you"re stopping, braking or turning.Check the tires pressure and also ensure the lug nuts space tight and also secure.Adjust her side watch mirrors so the you can obtain a clear check out of the trailer and any web traffic behind you.Practice transforming and backing up through the trailer attached. The takes time to get used to this maneuvers, therefore it"s essential to practice gaining expertise and also confidence.Finally, use some additional straps come tie under the watercraft to the trailer frame.

Alright, it looks choose we’re ready to roll!

Road Handling

You must be extra careful when you"re driving v a cumbersome fill like a boat and trailer.

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For one thing, the load will make your vehicle much much less responsive, so mitigate your speed and also give vehicles in former of you additional room. This will offer you much more time come maneuver and react if you need to.


Always remember, friend have another vehicle attached behind you. That method you must take corners at slower speeds and also at broader angles come make sure your trailer can get approximately safely.