to chef in a fluid at 212 F, whereby bubbles continuous rise and also break ~ above the surface.

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Chillto do a food cold by placing that in a refrigerator or in a key over crushed ice.
Chopto reduced into little pieces
Coat/dredgeto completely cover a food v a fluid or dry mixture such as milk, bread crumbs, flour, or sugar.
Coreto remove the center part of a fruit.
Creamto soften hard fats, often including a 2nd ingredient such together sugar, and also working v a wood spoon or electrical mixer until the fat is creamy.
Cut into incorporate solid fat with flour making use of a pastry blender.
Diceto cut into small cubes of also size.
Fluteto make decorative grooves or wrinkle in dough.
Foldto incorporate a vulnerable mixture into a more thick mixture making use of a down, up and also over motion so the the finished product stays light.
Garnishto decorate foods by including other colorful, attractive items come the food or serving dish.
Grateto reduce to small particles by rubbing on the sharp this of a grater.
Greaseto rub fat ~ above the surface of a food preparation utensil or the food itself.
Hullto remove the outer covering or stem that a fruit or vegetable.
Julienneto reduced food right into thin, stick, size strips.
Kneadto job-related dough by pushing it with the heels that the hands...folding, turning, and also repeating each motion until the dough is smooth and also elastic.
Marinateto soak meat in a solution containing an acid that help tenderize the connective tissue.
Minceto reduced into an extremely fine pieces.
Pare/peelto remove the outer layer with a paring knife or peeler.
Pitto eliminate the seed of a fruit or vegetable.
Preheatto warm an appliance to a desired temperature before it is to it is in used.
Pureeto placed food through a sieve, food mill, or food processor to form a thick and also smooth liquid.
Saute/Fryto cook in a small amount that fat.
Scaldto warmth liquid just listed below the cook point.
Scoreto make small, shallow cuts on the surface of a food.
Shuckto eliminate the exterior layer.
Simmerto cook in a liquid that is listed below the boil point.
Steamto cook over boiling liquid.
Strainto separate solid indigenous liquid making use of a sieve, strainer, or colander.

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Whipto beat rapidly by incorporating air right into the batter.