Jem and Scout’s friend and Miss Rachel’s nephew. Dill pertains to stay with miss Rachel in Maycomb one summer and immediately shows that he’s a prolific liar and storyteller. In his pat dramas v Jem and Scout, Dill plays every manner of characters however truly excels at illustrating villains. He prefers his own stories come reality, hence his fascination with the Radley Place and with making Boo Radley come the end of the house—the thought that Boo feeds ~ above cats and might be dead piques Dill’s interest, which leads to every manner that shenanigans that, in retrospect, reconnaissance realizes were incredibly rude. Dill starts to display that he is sensitive and also compassionate, however, as soon as he decides the they require to give Boo a note asking him to come out and sit v them and offering come buy that an ice cream. In the year the follows, Dill begins to doubt that Boo is really very lonely and also doesn’t have any type of friends. Dill self is very lonely: his mommy is divorced and also remarries sometime before the novel’s third summer, and now Dill’s parents nothing want lot to perform with him. He operation away to the Finches since he feels more welcome there than he does in ~ home. During Tom Robinson’s trial, Dill’s sensitivity comes to the forefront and causes the to need to leave the courthouse, together he can’t stomach the rude and also racist method that Mr. Gilmer speaks to Tom throughout his questioning. He’s adamant that it’s dreadful to treat any kind of person that way, no issue their skin color. In this sense, Dill truly continues to be an innocent son throughout the novel, together both Atticus and also Mr. Raymond suggest that as youngsters grow, they avoid crying once they view injustice choose this, and ultimately become either numb come it or go on come perpetuate the themselves.

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Dill"s eye flickered in ~ Jem, and Jem looked in ~ the floor. Then he rose and also broke the staying code of our childhood. That went out of the room and also down the hall. “Atticus,” his voice to be distant, “can you come right here a minute, sir?”

Beneath that sweat-streaked dust Dill"s face went white. I felt sick.


Jem to be standing in a edge of the room, looking choose the traitor he was. “Dill, I had to call him,” that said. “You can"t run three hundred miles off without your mom knowin".” we left him there is no a word.

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