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Many Americans gained an extra hour that sleep this morning due to the fact that of the country"s go back to daylight traditional time.

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Daylight saving time officially came to an end at 2 a.m. Sunday, putting most of the country back into standard time. Because that most, the transition automatically developed on their smartphone, an interpretation that when they wake up up this morning they had actually the accurate time. Yet the readjust also means a distinction in the moment gap between parts the the country.

All but two states, Hawaii and Arizona (except the Navajo Nation), observe daylight saving time. Therefore for world in 48 states, clocks went back one hour on Sunday. That way that the time distinction between new York and Phoenix went from a three-hour difference on Saturday come a two-hour difference on Sunday.

On Saturday, the time difference between brand-new York and also Honolulu was 6 hours. That decreased to a five-hour difference on Sunday.

Since Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles are all in states that watch daylight conserving time, there"s no change in the time difference between new York and also those cities. ~ above Sunday, there is still no time distinction between new York and Atlanta, a one-hour difference with Chicago and a three-hour difference with Los Angeles.


Daylight standard time return on Sunday. Above, a clock in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan. Timothy Clary/AFP/Getty ImagesStates can opt the end of moving clocks forward in the spring to remain on daylight traditional time year-round. Claims don"t have the option to stay on daylight saving time, although some lawmakers room hoping to readjust that.

Republican city council Marco Rubio the Florida has repeatedly presented bills to make daylight conserving time permanent, citing the services of having actually the extra hour the daylight. Rubio"s most recent attempt has garnered bipartisan co-sponsors, including autonomous Senators Ron Wyden, Ed Markey and Sheldon Whitehouse.

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"Changing the clock double a year is outdated and unnecessary," Senator rick Scott, a Florida Republican, said Thursday in a statement.

"We must give family members in Florida much more sunshine, no less!" that continued. "I"m proud come be top this bipartisan legislation with councilor Rubio that provides a much-needed readjust and benefits so countless in Florida and throughout the nation. It"s time for Congress to act, and also we can start by having actually the U.S. Senate happen this an excellent bill today."