The Invisible Man has many possible themes. There are multiple examples of different themes in the novel. Most of them can almost fall under the same idea. The main theme for the novel is how excessive greed can have unintended consequences. The main character, Griffin, goes mad with the power of being invisible. It gets to the point that he is not even trying to just stay hidden anymore, he is just trying to cause as much mayhem in the country as possible.One of the first instances of greed is when he starts to take advantage of Mrs. Hall, the woman who owns the Coach & Horses Inn. Mrs. Hall mainly feels bad for him at first because she thinks he is very hurt or injured in some sort of way due to him wrapping his head up. Griffin keeps her away from his room at times so he can conduct his experiments without anyone knowing. Whenever he damages anything in the inn he just tells Mrs. Hall to put it on his bill. Later in the novel we learn that he has stolen all of the money he has, but while being invisible he rarely has a reason to use the money. Griffin giving extra money to Mrs. Hall when he breaks or damages things is one of the only times in the novel he can actually put use to the things he has stolen.The town starts to wonder who Griffin is and where he came from. Many rumors start to float around the town. Mrs. Hall even says to others he is not that bad of a man. When protecting his secret all the time, he is always on his guard. This creates an uneasy feeling for everyone around him. Finally a man named Mr. Cuss asks to interview Griffin. When Mr. Cuss is interviewing Griffin, Griffin takes his hand out of his pocket. Mr. Cuss can now see that there is no arm in the sleeve. Griffin then leans forward and pinches Mr. Cu...... middle of paper ......ffin dies, his invisibility wears off. The reader is meant to believe that the only way for him to be seen again was for him to die. This makes the reader think that was it possible for him to explain to others his situation? Or was he forced to go mad and insane. Ultimately in the end, he died only because he thought he could get away. Just like he had been getting away with things he has done the entire story.During the time when Griffin was telling Kemp his story, he told him he actually killed his own father due to the rage of not having any money to continue working on his stuff in college. So even before he became invisible, he performed acts of insanity.

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He just never thought he would get caught in the end, but he did. His excessive greed for running away and stealing things caused him to have consequences that he did not even think of ever happening to him.