The quick story Hunters in the eye by Tobias Wolff depicts three males that go on a searching trip that transforms the food of their lives. Every character lies to himself to accept his plot in his life. Kenny, Frank, and tub need to efficiently fool themselves prior to they deserve to deceive anyone else. Each of the guys are immature and also selfish. They don't realize how their decisions impact other people's lives. They justify your lies v their own insecurities around their lifestyles. Your lies affect the cases they encounter and adjust their lives forever.Kenny is the bully of the group. That is constantly making funny of Frank and also Tub, playing on your insecurities. Kenny is the stereotypical alpha male. He needs to be in control. Also the smallest factor, such together driving, has to be excellent by Kenny. He has to be the one driving. Kenny doesn't treatment when he's one hour late picking increase Tub. He has the audacity to pretend the he is going come hit tub with his truck. The refuses to hear to Tub's complaints as soon as he gets in the truck and also continues top top his way. His pompous statements stroked nerves Frank and Tub. "`You questioning me exactly how I desire to die today,' Kenny said `I'll tell you burn me in ~ the stake'" (Wolff 77). When Kenny threatens to tell bathtub Frank's secret, Frank speak him that he is asking for it. Even at an early stage in the expedition Kenny is stroked nerves the 2 men. He snaps when bathtub and Frank challenge him. Open minded tries to tell the it's no their fault they didn't kill a deer and also Kenny is outraged. "`You go through them,' Kenny said. `I came out right here to get me a deer, no to hear to a bunch of hippie bullshit. And also if that hadn't been for dimples below I would have actually too... And also you, you're too busy thinking around that small jailbait of your yo...... Center of record ...... Gained to the woods wherein Kenny want to hunt. Bathtub was trying for somewhere different; 2 years in a row they'd been up and also down this land and also hadn't checked out a thing. Frank didn't care one way or another, he simply wanted to obtain out of the goddamned truck" (Wolff 76). Kenny is in charge. He gives only one reason why they need to hunt at the place and also the other two offer up. Tub wants to do a change. That puts himself the end there by do a pointer to Kenny and is instantly shot down. Candid is indifferent. That is a product the his surroundings. That is cruel to bath tub when the is with Kenny. As soon as he is with bath tub he is himself. The unspoken bond between the two males spurs the realization no to take Kenny to the hospital.

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The both make the decision the Kenny was asking to be shot the whole day. Kenny's therapy of bath tub and Frank justify his murder in their eyes.