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Welcome to an additional candy-related odyssey! Candy crate 2 plays rather similarly to the original, but in countless ways, it's that is own video game as well. You'll need a same amount the skill, and also some luck, to get through this text-based wonderland. As soon as you click on the link, you space playing, therefore off we go!

"Eat all the Candies"

You begin with only this choice as you get a solitary candy in ~ a time. You have the right to eat this candies come upgrade your health, yet only once the health bar appears. It won't carry out so till you permit the candies to accumulate come a enough point, therefore let your computer sit because that a while till some other choices appear.

"Throw 10 candy on the Ground"

This is an innocuous enough option, yet in this game, it serves a purpose. Continuous hurl candies ~ above the floor and you'll send a smiley ~ above a long, circuitous journey. Keep doing it and also you'll ultimately earn a coco bar. Eventually, your tiny guy will uncover a cornucopia that candy; yet you won't gain much more out that him previous that, so don't bother. (And don't carry out it ideal at the beginning.)

Wait lengthy enough and you'll unlock the adhering to options:

Request a brand-new feature from the developer (30 C) - Unlocks status BarRequest an additional one (5 C) - Unlocks configuration TabRequest as soon as again (5 C) - Unlocks SavingRequest because that something an ext exciting (5 C) - Unlocks your health barFinal request! (10 C) - Unlocks the Map

The Village

Welcome to her base the operations! The town serves together your home away native home, a sanctuary whereby you have the right to buy new stuff through your hard-earned candies. You'll visit below often, therefore it's precious noting off the bat the you have the right to only accessibility the main row that stores. The remainder of The village is just for show. (For now, anyway.)


One of the an initial places you deserve to visit is the Shop. The seller inside will market you item in exchange because that candy. Return after completing quests later on in the game and also he'll sometimes have brand-new wares for sale.

Lollipop (60 C) - over there are only three, and there's no difference in between them, in spite of what the merchant may claim. Lollipops come in handy soon, therefore buy all three.Chocolate Bar (800 C) - easily accessible from the start. Cacao is used for bartering.Leather Boots (300 C) - easily accessible from the start. These boots deserve to be equipped, and you can at some point upgrade them with magic.Time Ring (500 C) - appears after perfect The Desert. The moment Ring permits you to slow down the game during quests therefore you can react more quickly.Leather Gloves (300 C) - appears after perfect The Desert. You can equip, and also eventually upgrade, these gloves.Merchant's cap (1,000,000 C) - click the cap itself. Multiplies the number of candies friend receive during quests by seven.

The Forge

This dude deals in weapons and also a single piece the armor, exchanged for candy. The very first three weapons deserve to be to buy one after the other, and it's wise to update early. You'll require this ingredient to survive quests. Don't miss the solitary lollipop sitting above his forge.

Wooden sword (150 C)Iron Axe (400 C)Polished Silver sword (2,000 C)Lightweight human body Armor (15,000 C) - appears after perfect The cavern EntranceScythe (5,000,000) - appears after speaking to the dragon in The Castle

House (Second native Right)

There's a lollipop sitting atop the cabinet. Open the cabinet for one more lollipop. Woo!

House (Furthest Right)

A man/woman in right here will questioning you to clean out their cellar. You'll require at least the wood Sword to fulfill this request. Mind the you need to equip the knife via the list tab.


This is the simplest dungeon, and very straightforward to finish with the wooden Sword alone. Simply watch your guy plow v the rats, one by one. You'll get The Map for beating the dungeon, in order to unlocking the civilization map. Girlfriend can't reenter the Cellar after completing it.

The Village

Welcome to your base of operations! The village serves as your residence away indigenous home, a sanctuary wherein you have the right to buy new stuff through your hard-earned candies. You'll visit right here often, for this reason it's precious noting turn off the bat the you can only accessibility the main row of stores. The rest of The town is just for show. (For now, anyway.)


One that the an initial places you deserve to visit is the Shop. The seller inside will sell you items in exchange for candy. Return after completing quests later in the game and also he'll occasionally have new wares for sale.

Lollipop (60 C) - over there are just three, and there's no difference between them, in spite of what the seller may claim. Lollipops come in comfortable soon, so buy all three.Chocolate Bar (800 C) - accessible from the start. Chocolate is supplied for bartering.Leather Boots (300 C) - available from the start. These boots deserve to be equipped, and also you can at some point upgrade them with magic.Time Ring (500 C) - appears after completing The Desert. The moment Ring allows you to sluggish down the game throughout quests therefore you have the right to react much more quickly.Leather Gloves (300 C) - shows up after perfect The Desert. You have the right to equip, and eventually upgrade, this gloves.Merchant's hat (1,000,000 C) - click on the cap itself. Multiplies the number of candies you receive throughout quests by seven.

The Forge

This dude transaction in weapons and also a solitary piece that armor, exchanged for candy. The an initial three weapons have the right to be bought one after the other, and it's wise to update early. You'll need this ingredient to survive quests. Don't miss the solitary lollipop sitting over his forge.

Wooden knife (150 C)Iron Axe (400 C)Polished Silver sword (2,000 C)Lightweight human body Armor (15,000 C) - appears after perfect The cave EntranceScythe (5,000,000) - shows up after speak to the dragon in The Castle

House (Second indigenous Right)

There's a lollipop sitting atop the cabinet. Open the cabinet for another lollipop. Woo!

House (Furthest Right)

A man/woman in here will questioning you come clean out their cellar. You'll require at the very least the wooden Sword to satisfy this request. Mind that you need to equip the knife via the list tab.


This is the most basic dungeon, and very straightforward to complete with the wooden Sword alone. Just watch your guy plow with the rats, one by one. You'll receive The Map for beating the dungeon, thereby unlocking the human being map. You can't reenter the Cellar after completing it.


World Map

Welcome come the civilization at large! You're at this time in The Village, on the eastern side of the map. Your next location is The Desert, but prior to going there, examine the woods simply north of the village. Here you'll watch A Lonely House.

A Lonely House

Inside this Lonely residence is a box. You can't open up the box; shaking go nothing; break the lock is useless; kicking package is meh; speak to the box is a tiny insane; luring it with candy even an ext so. Click every the alternatives and you'll be allowed to take it the Candy Box v you. Woo. Back to the map.

A Tree

Hover over the trees east of A Lonely residence to find a labelled "Tree." below you'll discover a Squirrel that will aid you in exchange because that answering inquiries correctly. Administer it v the complying with answers because that prizes:

"Yes" - 20 candies"C" - 100 candiesYour current candy count - 500 candies"10" - 3 lollipops"Floats" - 3 coco bars

After the quiz, the Squirrel will difficulty you to Tic Tac Toe. This is much easier than that looks: just think "outside the box" and also click 3 times below the Tic Tac toe board, in a horizontal row. The Squirrel will offer you The third House Key for The Village. All done. Thanks for playing!

Back to the Village

Now the you have actually the key, friend can go into the unlocked home on the west next of the street. Inside is a extensively meta suffer as you play gamings within games. The less expensive game is one RPG; the an ext expensive one is a side-scrolling shooter . . . Wherein girlfriend aren't allowed to shoot. Both space fun, however they at some point net candy in a path that's a bit too slow.

The Desert

Another dungeon, the sorts. The Desert is as straightforward together the Cellar, despite you're dealing with some stronger enemies. Buy an iron Axe for 400 candies and you'll clear The Desert when you're at complete health. Beating The Desert will unlock The Lollipop Farm, as well as the Time Ring and also Leather Gloves ago at the Shop. To buy both once you accumulate sufficient candy. Beating The Desert likewise unlocks The bridge to the southwest, the Wishing fine to the west, and also The cave Entrance to the much west. We'll get to those in a bit.

While running this quest you'll probably notification Desert bird flitting overhead. If you have actually an attack that have the right to hit things in the wait (I used the arbitrarily fireballs from the Red fascinating Gloves) you have the right to kill this things and also gain a Desert Bird Feather.

Mountain Range

Before going everywhere else, scan the mountain variety on the world map. Simply south that the forest beyond the mountains, you'll view a solitary asterisk. Click on it and also you'll get in the mountains. Climb them to retrieve the Pogostick. The Pogostick permits you come leap end obstacles in quests, and also the Desert Bird Feather upgrades the Pogostick's jumping capabilities.

Lollipop Farm

Anyone who played the initial Candy Box will remember the Lollipop farm fondly. Take all those lollipops you uncovered in The town and plant them. After ~ a long wait, you'll get an additional lollipop. Plant that as well. With each lollipop friend plant, you'll increase the rate at which castle grow, come the point where they will certainly be appearing in her inventory by the hundreds every second. Do this early and also you'll make the late video game a great deal easier, as lots of human being love them their lollipops. The ar itself maxes the end at 100 lollipops a second.

Once you reach 10,000 lollipops girlfriend can develop a Mill. You have the right to thereafter feeding the Mill with lollipops and also increase her candy production, which I extremely recommend law as early as possible.

Reach 100,000 lollipops and you can dig a Pond. You can then use candies to acquisition Lolligators because that the Pond. Lolligators enable you to transform candies to lollipops; the much more Lolligators you have, the much faster the conversion rate.

Wishing Well

The Wishing fine is a fun tiny feature in Candy box 2. Toss a liquid in it and you'll soon heal your wounds, which is much much better than waiting for castle to cure on their own. Each time you usage this function the variety of candies essential to cure you jumps up, though, therefore don't waste this insta-healing frivolously.

You can also toss a lollipop in the well. The well will then transform your lollipop right into a candy. Each time you execute this you'll obtain the alternative to toss in more lollipops in ~ a higher price; you'll get half as countless candies as the variety of lollipops friend toss in. No bad.

You have the right to throw coco bars in the well. These allow you to upgrade her items right into magical items. These gloves have various properties.

Gloves change into Pink or Red enchanted Gloves. Pink fascinating Gloves carry out will gain back your wellness constantly once worn; Red fascinating Gloves will randomly start fireballs at enemies while you're on quests.The Octopus King Crown changes into the Octopus King Crown through Jaspers or the Octopus King Crown v Obsidian. Jaspers launch huge fireballs randomly native you; Obsidian will summon one Octopus King to help you the end occasionally. Both space pretty groovy.The Monkey magician Staff alters into the Monkey Wizard employee (Enchanted). This version will fire spells turn off with better frequency.The tribal Spear changes into the Summoning defect Spear. It will certainly summon tribal warrior to aid you in your travels.Knight body Armor turns into Enchanted Knight human body Armor. Your resistance rises considerably, but your strike damage is cut in half. Hm.The large Spoon upgrades come the Giant Spoon of Doom. That hits really hard but does so in ~ an incredibly diminished rate the fire.

Last, you can heave ache Au Chocolats into the well. Doing so will give you a an increase to your Power, Magic, or Health. All three are cumulative and well worth the lose of a chocolate.


The Bridge

After to buy the polished Silver Sword, you'll be ready to take it on the Troll and also his Bridge. To win him for a Troll's Bludgeon, i m sorry is a solid but sluggish weapon. Your speak to on even if it is to use it or not, despite it's an effective enough that ns recommend taking the fight to her speed. (If you upgrade among your items v a chocolate bar and also give it an offensive power, you deserve to probably to win the troll without having actually to purchase the sleek Silver Sword.) You gain 500 liquid a pop for beating The Bridge, for this reason it's worth grind for a small while.

Sorceress' Hut

Past The bridge is this quaint little hut. Within is a witch that will sell you a range of magical items. Scan her shelves to find a Grimoire and also an Advanced Grimoire on the optimal two shelves. You can buy these because that 5,000 and 20,000 lollipops, respectively; they'll allow you to actors spells in battle. Top top the bottom shelf is a lollipop.

The last thing of note below is the Cauldron. Buy it for a whopping 100,000 lollipops and also you can use it to brew a range of helpful potions. Not only is this highly recommended, but it is also, at times, pretty much a necessity. The details for imminent are provided at the finish of this walkthrough.

The cavern Entrance

The cavern Entrance is a tiny strange. It's basically a random area wherein you'll come across solid enemies and also the sometimes item, such together a coco bar. If girlfriend don't feel prefer troubling through this place, go directly ahead till you leaving the Cave. By going with you'll unlock The Forest, to the northeast, and The Pier, come the north.

Ultimately, though, you'll want to return here to hit the enemies and explore.

Octopus King - A very straightforward battle. Use health Potions to chew your method through the thing. The Octopus King is strong, but with Armor, you shouldn't have actually too much trouble killing it. You'll win the Octopus King Crown for killing that bearer. You'll also win 4,000 candies, making this a battle well worth repeating.Monkey Wizard - not straightforward in ~ all. The Monkey magician will shot to protect against you when launching magic balls right into the air. I choose to equip the Octopus King Crown v Jaspers and let the fireballs chew away at his HP over time, best while making use of Teleport and the Boots that Introspection (see the X Potion, detailed in the impending section below). You'll success the Monkey Wizard employee for beating the Monkey Wizard.Heart Plug - not an enemy, however an item. If wandering with The cavern Entrance you might see arrows painted top top the walls, pointing one of two people left or right. Follow these arrows and also you'll eventually arrive at a chest containing the Heart Plug. This boosts your health score by 20 percent.


The Pier

You have actually two choices here: You deserve to take a watercraft to The Lighthouse, which is perfect safe, or you have the right to jump turn off the pier and also into the sea. The Lighthouse is, at this point, just a text dump; The Sea is a search of sorts.

The Sea

This is a weird place. Unlike many quests, you have the right to navigate up and down to hit (or avoid) enemies. The enemies get progressively tougher as you walk along, to the point that you'll eventually face seahorse-ish foes the fire in ~ you native a distance. (You can easily avoid your shots by scraping the bottom.) The main reason to experience this trip is to find a Magical Sponge, situated on the seafloor. The Sponge enables you to squeeze yourself under to a smaller sized size, wherein you can dodge incoming shots much more easily.

Return come The Sea as soon as you have some an ext powerful items, or an ext HP in general. The more you go, the stronger the enemies become, to the suggest that you'll eventually be dealing with sharks. Kill one to acquire a Shell Powder, which will triple the calculation of your lollipops. Egads! (Just avoid the sea serpents, you can't death them.)

Come back yet again as soon as you're solid enough to quickly withstand the sharks— more than likely near the end of the game—and eventually, you'll see 3 rare sharks with coloured fins. Kill them and also you'll obtain these item in this order: the Magical Red, Green, and also Purple Shark Fins. The Red Fin upgrades her Fireball spell; the environment-friendly Fin multiplies your lollipop production by an additional five times; the purple Fin provides you the black color Hole spell. The very first two won't take that lengthy to find, however the violet Fin needs a the majority of swimming and also killing to locate.


The Forest

BIG an obstacle jump here. You're dealing with a mix of strong wolves, ranged tree spirits, and also irritating mosquitoes. To obtain through with family member ease you'll need several wonder items. Use the magical Sponge to shrink listed below the shots the the tree spirits, then equip the Octopus King Crown through Jaspers and also the Monkey Wizard employee (Enchanted). The shots you fire turn off constantly should slaughter virtually everything in your way, and keep those stupid mosquitoes from stroked nerves you as well much. Beating The forest will unlock the castle Entrance and The Hole, just eastern of the Castle.

Care for a ton that candy? Equip the Boots that Introspection and Jump your method to the far end of the screen. If girlfriend sit at the spawn allude with these items fitted you'll constantly slaughter opponents without being touched yourself. Leaving this for a while, and, yeah. Candyyyyy!

The Hole

Faaaaalling! The feet is a monster area that's filled v spikes. Touch the spikes and also you take it a ton of damage. Stop the spikes. Otherwise, her primary trouble here is the tribal warriors within; they're pretty solid at this point, and also random magic shots are most likely your finest bet for acquisition them under unscathed. (On the to add side, you can obtain a Tribal Spear because that killing a warrior.) additionally here are number of chests through nifty items inside; it payment to understand that you can jump through the J key while make the efforts to acquire at these items. Much simpler than trying to click the button with her mouse.

Below the first two spiked floors is a small ledge v a chest. Regardless of how that looks, you can jump to this normally. In the chest is a Heart Pendant. It boosts your HP count.Fall under the ideal side the the map. There's a spiked pit below you v a hole in the middle. Squeeze and also fall v this hole to reach a chest containing a Black Magic Grimoire. This Grimoire teaches girlfriend two powerful spells.Fall under the left next of the map and climb the hill after you very first land. Past several sections of spikes is a chest comprise a Desert Fortress Key i beg your pardon will open up the fortress in the desert. (Duh.) You need a lot of of wellness to bypass this spikes without dying.At the an extremely bottom is a chest guarded by four warriors. Death them every to gain three bars the chocolate.

Got lock all? The only means to leave v the item in hand is to fall down the pit ~ above the appropriate side. Don't leaving without law this or you'll need to go with this area again.

The Desert Fortress

Look familiar? As quickly as you set foot in the Desert Fortress, you'll see three doorways. Each leads come something different.

The left doorway leads to a room with a whole lot of platforms. You have the right to hop your method through it, but you'll have actually an less complicated time if girlfriend wait until after friend get things from the best doorway. On the lower path you'll find a Unicorn Horn in a chest; on the upper path is a monster the you have the right to kill for a Xinopherydon Claw. The Horn increases your healing powers, when the claw doubles the assault strength of every little thing weapon you're using.The middle doorway leader to a giant teapot with a ridiculous amount of health. The only thing you can do is sit and also wail far on it until it's gone. I recommend waiting until you have actually the Scythe, the Octopus King's Crown with Obsidian, the Xinopherydon Claw, and also a ton the Berserker Potions. Cast Fireballs whenever you think of it to expedite the process; otherwise, leaving your computer system alone for fifty percent an hour or so. Damage the teapot to earn a Giant Spoon.The ideal doorway leader to a room v a chest. Trouble is, the chest is top top a ledge that's veeeeery much off of the ground. It's not that complicated to reach, despite it bring away a while. All you need do is equip the Oct0pus Crown v Obsidian, wait for Octopus queens to progressively fill the room, and use your heads to hop as much as the chest. Clock to make sure your guy doesn't obtain trapped under the birds of octopi and also you need to be fine. In the chest, you'll discover Rocket Boots. this will enable you to basically fly, together you can jump . . . And then run again . . . And then jump yet again, over and over and over.

Castle's Entrance

This level is a little bit of one endurance trial. The straightforward means to finish it is to constantly bombard the just arrived knights with magic. Slow-moving the rate down so you can heal as appropriate. Using Octopus King summons have the right to help, yet they can also pile up and also get in your method rather badly. Alternatively, squeeze out yourself and also you'll pass right underneath the knights together they journey by. You'll need about 500ish HP to get past the level one of two people way. If you're lucky, friend can find a Knight body Armor while killing the knights.

The Castle

This location is a tiny different from usual, as it has a map to find for. Let's explore!

There's an oven in the central room. Because that 100 candies and one cacao it will make friend a Pain au Chocolat. Litter this into the Wishing Well for some an intricate power boosts.There's a giant spiked pit in the bottom room ~ above the left. Owies.The center room ~ above the left is darkened. Click the middle of your screen to irradiate a fire. Beside the fire is a Pitchfork which will triple your lollipop production. Score!The height room on the left has a huge, strange, invincible creature that desires to safeguard its eggs. The 2nd you so much as touch among the eggs, the point will fall down and also crush you. Prompt death. Revolve off all of your attacks and summons, strap on the Rocket Boots, and also carefully fly end to the chest on the left side of the room. The hardest part of this is landing there is no falling down on height of the chest. Inside it is an L Stone.On the ideal side the the ground floor is a nougat monster. Once you enter fight it will certainly be asleep, yet after act enough damage it will concerned life and amble over to you. One hit and you're pretty lot toast. Appears tough, but equipping the Boots that Introspection, the Summoning lack Spear and the Octopus King Crown with Obsidian will develop a enormous room full of buffering cronies to safeguard you. They'll death the thing prior to it can get you to. You can't do anything with The Tower beyond just yet, but, hey, why no kill the monster now? It's worth a ton that candy.

All done? then head north. There's a dragon waiting, however it's no interested in fighting. That will give you a collection of difficulties to tackle; they're provided below.

Challenge: The Devil

Welcome to Hel . . . What bad! The devil awaits top top the opposite next of number of lava pits, continuous launching fireballs at you, and also a giant bat point drops an ext minions indigenous overhead. You can shot to bust your way through through Rocket Booting throughout the lava and using miracle projectiles ~ above the point on the way, however it's much less complicated to usage the Boots that Introspection to stay firmly on the far finish of the lava. Usage the Monkey Wizard employee (Enchanted) and also the black Demons spell come hit the evil one from afar there is no exposing yourself to lot damage. Take the evil one out to knife an A Stone and a ton that candies.

Fame: The Developer

Hoo boy. No less than the Developer himself has actually come out to play. The man's really words will certainly turn into attacks. Fortunately, this man is no as tough as the looks, for regardless of his enormous amount the HP your attacks will scale to meet the challenge. Nevertheless, you'll desire to outfit yourself v every item that maximizes attack damage, and also equipping the Scythe and also not equipping the fascinating Knight body Armor. Update your assault strength through a few Pain au Chocolats for great measure, brew some Berserker Potions, then go to. If you have actually over 1,200 or so health you'll endure the first onslaught, then with the Berserker Potion energetic you'll kill the Developer before he can carry you down. You'll earn the Y Stone because that beating the Developer.

Candies: The Lighthouse

The dragon's 3rd option is candies, and also lots of 'em. He'll imply you check out his friend, the cyclops, i beg your pardon is The Lighthouse itself. Visit The Lighthouse after talking to the dragon and also ask the cyclops the ideal question. He will certainly pose girlfriend a puzzle. It's very, really complex, and, uh, I'll recognize that ns couldn't fix it on mine own. Here's the solution. (Thanks, Candy box wiki. You're nice great.) completing this puzzle will earn friend the P Stone.

The Tower

After collecting the four Stones—P, L, A, and Y—return to the Castle and enter the Tower. Insert the Stones into the 4 niches in ~ the height to make A talking Candy appear on the pedestal. This is the final item in the game, and will enable you to open up the elusive liquid Box. Woo! You won the game!

Post-Game Content

After opened the liquid Box, you'll unlock a couple of new menu items.

Inside your Box!: See because that yourself.The Computer: Allows girlfriend to get in a variety of regulates to watch what will certainly happen. Here's a complete list of points you have the right to enter. Most of the regulates give you simple, stunner responses.The Arena: This section contains a couple of custom areas created by external programmers. Not countless as the this writing, however that's sure to adjust with time. Friend can also use this page to access Candy crate 2's difficult Mode. I assume you deserve to play it before beating the game, but I recommend you shot the normal video game first.

And, uh, that's pretty lot it. Huzzah! all that's left . . .


Here's a little of potion-making. Once you obtain the Cauldron native the witch, you'll unlock brewing, which permits you to develop a series of potions making use of recipes outlined in the accuse manual. All space handy in their own way, though unlike the an initial game you aren't hobbled horribly if friend don't count too lot on potions. (Most that the time, anyway.)

Listed listed below are explanation of each of the potions, and how they're made. Keep in mind that you deserve to multiply the variety of ingredients noted to do multiple potions in a solitary brewing. The only exemption is the X Potion, which must be do one-at-a-time.

Health Potion

Simple and also important, the wellness Potion restores her HP once used throughout a quest. Castle are always useful.

Put a minimum the 100 candy in the cauldron.Mix for five seconds.Put the brew right into bottles.

Turtle Potion

Another returning player because that the very first Candy Box, the tortoise Potion transforms you into a turtle for a tiny while. You relocate much much more slowly, yet you're also highly resistant to attacks.

Place 50 candies and also 500 lollipops in the cauldron.Mix for 10 seconds.Stop mixing.Add 50 much more candies.Mix because that five much more seconds.Pour the brew right into bottles.

Anti-Gravity Potion

Ooo, negation of physics. Drink the Anti-Gravity medicine will reason your tiny guy to ignore gravity for a few seconds and safely fly end pits. That will also continue to float in ~ the top of a jump until the medicine wears off. This is only really beneficial until you gain the Rocket Boots, after which the Anti-Gravity potion is kinda useless.

Put 1,000 candy in the cauldron.Boil the cauldron until it is lukewarm.Stop heating.Add another 1,000 candies.Heat again, however this time go all the means into the boil point.Pout the brew into bottles.

Berserk Potion

Mmmm, extra attack power. The Berserk potion eats up half your wellness upon use, but the tradeoff is that you end up being an unstoppable killing machine for a tiny while. So long as you have actually a solid regeneration cycle, the Berserk medicine is a substantial boon to late-game battles.

Add 20,000 lollipops come the cauldron.Mix until your arms start to hurt. (Yes, this is a prompt that comes up. It takes a full minute that stirring.)Bour the brew right into bottles.

If friend go versus the accuse and add at the very least a single candy come the mix you'll acquire a Cloning Potion instead. This will certainly create specific copy of your player to battle alongside you, despite at a greatly diminished amount that power.

P Potion

The first couple of P Potions girlfriend drink will likely be beneficial, restoring health. Store going, though, and also a more extreme random element will action in, sometimes stealing health, sometimes casting random spells, periodically transforming you into a turtle. You have the right to never tell exactly what will happen. My only advice is that you not use a ns Potion while wandering around as a turtle, due to the fact that the results are never good.

Add 500 candy to your cauldron.Mix for 4 or five seconds.Stop mixing.Add a number of candies identical to the variety of seconds because that which girlfriend mixed. If you blended for four seconds, include 400 candies. Mix for five, include 500 candies.Boil the cauldron till it is lukewarm.Stop boiling.Add a supply of lollipops. I include the same variety of lollipops as candies in the 4th step, and it always works; not certain if that's required, however.Mix for five seconds.Put the potion into bottles.

X Potion

The X medicine is a potion of legend, and also ostensibly the most complicated to brew, given its cryptic directions. Fortunately, it's not that an overwhelming to create.

Put one liquid in the Cauldron. Hit Boil, then automatically hit Stop. You should stop the while the water is tho cold.Do this three much more times.Put one lollipop in the Cauldron. Heat the Cauldron all the way to boiling.Pour the potion right into bottles. Immediate X Potion!

The X medicine is distinct in that it will teleport you come a fight with yourself upon consumption. Girlfriend cannot victory this fight unless you're wearing the Octopus King Crown. Loss yourself and also you'll earn the Boots of Introspection, which stops you from relocating when you get in a quest. This is lot handier than it sounds. You'll additionally earn one-tenth of your existing candies, i m sorry can add up to a ton of candies late in the game.


Helper ~ above September 12, 2018:

You can additionally buy the sorceress hat for 1 billion lollipops!

MagnaSHAKE top top April 28, 2018:

At the Berserk potion it claims ''Bour the brew into bottles'' and also at the Anti-Gravity medicine it says ''Pout the brew right into bottles''

brianna top top February 24, 2018:

took me roughly 30 minutes to beat large teapot using red enchanted glove scythe knight human body armor sellers hat and also boots the introspection I supplied 2 pains au chocolat to boost spell &potion countdowns and a black color hole have xinopheridom claw and also all the fancy fins

brianna ~ above February 24, 2018:

instead the fighting the knights on lock gate supplied rocket boots flew over them. I solved the puzzle myself it's pretty straightforward just use trial and error climate you gain to a allude where u don't need to reset after a wrong move.

wootwoot ~ above July 19, 2017:

you have to wear a non enchanted octopus king crown

userofcandybox on June 02, 2017:

how carry out I victory the fight with the x potion? I save dying even with the octopus crown and health potions. Any advice?

Sabian top top April 14, 2017:

When i fight myself thru the x potion, i can't gte the boots of introspection since I die. How do i deal with this problem?

People on march 16, 2017:

Hey , umm just how do you go into places, favor the shop or the forge, ~ above this game ? I simply started play it and can't figure it out.

Kevin on November 25, 2016:

The hole is easy, all you require is the pogo, feather and teleportation spell, usage the teleportation as soon as you cant acquire out of details situations.

Whathashappenedtomylife ~ above January 18, 2014:

I personally uncovered the black Demon spell come be more useful against the gigantic teapot 보다 the Fireball spell. Just make certain you won't die from the wave of demons once they happen by.

someguy on December 27, 2013:

they are always there

pk7 top top December 22, 2013:

Unfortunately I've bought the progressed grimoire first. Now I have both, but how deserve to I switch in between them? I'd like to make the teleport spell (beginners grimoire).

ShadowCreations top top December 07, 2013:

the strange stones room a map. Deserve to you deal with it? xD (SPOILER: It stands for a endowment map, under one of the tree close to the village

Cleverbot top top December 02, 2013:

In the cave, what execute the weird stones do?

Shiki top top November 18, 2013:

The witches hat boosts your potion and also spell power

Tine on November 16, 2013:

leeker ~ above November 16, 2013:

it take it me an ext than 4 hours to ruin the huge teapot

Yupei on November 15, 2013:

Leather boots do not upgrade to anything. The arcade gamings give large payout if you acquire to a certain score threshold. Fireball gloves make brief work of the ogre. Tortoise potion is encourage to bet octopus. Use antigravity medicine to obtain over spike in hole. Use tribal spear instead of octopus crown to gain rocket boots-it's much less complicated using the warriors since they run straight, octopus can spawn relocating either way. Rocket boots space unnecessary versus the ceiling spider. Unequip everything and just walk end the eggs, the spider does no aggro if girlfriend walk on them.

Don't bother getting the mill or alligators. They're a waste of resources.

Source: I composed the an initial speedrun guide, and had a conversation with the developer, mainly about arcade strategies.

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Yupei on November 15, 2013:

Shell flour is not obtained by death a shark. Keep your eye on the sea floor and also you'll run throughout a "shell" prefer hung consisted of of asterisks.