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an ext Lines and also Angles inquiries

Q1. If the complementary edge of x is 30° an ext than the 2 times of x, then discover the supplementary angle of x.

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Q2. How many right angles are there in the square?
Q3. In the provided figure, abdominal ∥ CD. If∠BAP = 108° and∠APC = 140°, then∠QCD is same to?
Q4. There room 7 lines wherein no two lines room parallel and also not much more than 2 lines crossing each other, then discover out number of intersections.
Q5. x and y space two supplementary angles. If x : y = 5 : 7, then find the worth of x - y.
Q6. over there are full 15 point out in a plane, in which no 3 points space collinear. Find how numerous lines can be attracted in the plane.
Q7. In the offered figure, If∠COE = 75° then find the value of 2a + 3b -4c.
Q8. In the provided figure, If advertisement || IC,DF|| JKand∠HIJ = 122°, then uncover the value of∠ADE.
Q9. In the offered figure,∠BAC = 75°,∠EBC = 135°, then∠ACD is
Q10. Two transversals cut a collection of 4 parallel present at distinctive points, the left transverse makes cut at points namely P, Q, R and also S, conversely, the best transversal makes cuts in ~ points W, X, Y and also Z. Uncover the value of XY + RS if PQ= 8 and also WX = 14.

more Geometry questions

Q1. If areas of two comparable triangles, ΔABC and also ΔXYZ room 1089 cm2and 1225 cm2respectively. The length of next XZ is 70 cm. What is the length of next AC?
Q2. Which the the adhering to equations doesn’t have actually the equipment (7, -9)?
Q3. The distance in between the point out (a, - b) and also (- a, - b) are
Q4. In a rhombus one side is 24 cm and also one angle is 60°, then find the length of larger diagonal.
Q5. In the given number AC∥ OE,∠DOE = 50° and∠ABF = 30°. Find the worth of∠FBD.
Q6. Ifα° is the measure of an angle which is equal to its complement andβ° is the measure up of an angle which is equal to that is complement, findα/β.
Q7. In the given figure,∠BAC = 75°,∠EBC = 135°, then∠ACD is
Q8. Find the area of a square whose diagonal is 10 m.
Q9. If the value of∠ABC is x°, then uncover the value of 3x/4.
Q10. In a ΔPQR, A and also B space two point out on PQ and also PR respectively in together a means that the side abdominal is parallel come the next QR. If PA ∶ AQ = 4 ∶ 5, then find the proportion of the area that ΔPAB and also quadrilateral ABRQ.
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much more Quantitative Aptitude concerns

Q1. Read the provided question and decide which of the complying with information is adequate to answer the question.Question:What is the area that ΔABC?Information:1. AC = 13cm2. Ab = 5cm; BC = 12 cm
Q2. What is the product the Least usual Multiple and Highest usual Factor that 3200 and also 1250?
Q3. If n = 25 × 34 × 75 × 154, then the variety of consecutive zeros in n, whereby n is a herbal number, is
Q4. The radius and height the cylindrical pot are 14 cm. And also 30 cm. Respectively. Cylindrical pot is filled with sand. When pot filled with sand i rejected on the ground, the sand formed the conical form with elevation of 18 cm. Climate what would certainly be radius of conical form sand
Q5. A, B, C can finish a item of work-related in 24, 6 and also 12 days respectively. Functioning together, lock will complete the same job-related in:
Q6. A dealer clues an article 50% over the cost price and also sells it to a customer permitting two succeeding discounts that 20% and also 15% ~ above the significant price. If he gains Rs. 400 on the transaction then the cost price that the write-up is?
Q7. A, B and C can finish a work in 12, 20 and also 15 job respectively. A and also B started the work and worked because that 5 days. Find the time take away by C to finish the staying work.

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Q8. A line attracted from the vertex A that an it is intended triangle alphabet meets BC at D and also the circumcircle in ~ P, uncover the size PA.
Q9. What deserve to be the worth of ns for i m sorry one source of the quadratic equation (p2 – 5p + 3)x2 + (3p - 1)x + 2 = 0 is double as large as the other?
Q10. The number divisible by 6isi. 5994ii. 8668iii. 5986iv. 8982 Edu solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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