This study overview refers primarily to Chapters 3 & 4. The reviews info on the second test offered in Excel.

Command ~ above the Insert Ribbon the creates a connect to a internet page, picture, email address, or regimen in a worksheet
ClearCommand the deletes data in a cell
Format CellsDialog box that has the commands to style information in a certain style, such as specific date or time
Fill HandleMost efficient way to copy formulas to nearby cells simultaneously
Formula BarThe "Insert Function" button lies here, alongside its window
Name BoxThe area top top the left side of the Formula Bar that mirrors the cell attend to of a selected cell
Drag and DropThe process of making use of the computer mouse to move or copy cells
Fill SeriesThe default command ~ above the Auto Fill alternatives Dialog box (at the finish of the series)
AutoFitTool supplied to change the broad of a tower so the the widest entry will fit
Fill HandleThe small black square in the lower-right edge of the heavy border that an active cell that repeats the cell's value in surrounding cells
CopyMS Excel's attribute that makes an exact replica of the cabinet data and format while maintaining the initial cell intact
EntryData keyed into a cell
RowContains all information about one element on a worksheet
LabelItems in a spreadsheet the can't be manipulated with math, such as pillar or row headings or paper titles
AutoFillCommand the would permit the user to crucial large amounts of continually information, such together numbers 1-100, easily
CutCommand that removes data indigenous one cell and puts it in another
ValueNumber, formula, or duty data in a cell that can be manipulated utilizing mathematics
Cell StylesCommand that easily formats a cell utilizing predefined info such as font type, color, size, and also background. Customers can also personalize your cell's look using this.
Merged CellCell an unified with one or much more other cells; often used for titles
Format PainterCopies the format of a selected cell and puts it right into (an)other cell(s)
RangeGroup that cells that together form a rectangle or a square; castle are named by the name of the first cell in the upper left corner : critical cell in the lower right corner