Intangibility describes thea. Nonphysical nature of solutions as opposed to products.b. Reality that production and consumption room inseparable because that services.c. Greater chances for variation in the power of solutions than in the manufacturing ofproducts.d. Truth that services cannot be inventoried yet must be consumed as soon as performed.

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Which the the complying with firms would make extensive use of organization costing?a. Auto manufacturerb. Furniture manufacturerc. Auto dealerd. CPA firm
Which the the following commodities would NOT usage job-order costing?a. Housesb. Chemicalsc. Shipsd. Custom-built furniture
A source documenta. Is only an external document.b. Offers transaction data that deserve to be tape-recorded in a database.c. Is only provided to document a transaction between an organization and an exterior vendor.d. Is only an interior document.
Manufacturing overhead consists of alla. Prices other than straight materials.b. Manufacturing costs other than straight materials.c. Costs other than direct materials and direct labor.d. Manufacturing prices other than straight materials and also direct labor.
Disadvantages of yes, really costing includea. Actual expense systems cannot provide accurate unit expense information ~ above a timely basis.b. Actual cost systems develop unit prices that shake from period to period.c. Approximates must be used when calculating the really overhead rate.d. Both a and also b.
7. The predetermined overhead price is generally calculated in ~ thea. End of each month.b. Beginning of each month.c. Beginning of the year.d. Finish of the year.
Unit expense information is needed fora. Costing inventory.b. Financial report requirements.c. Decision making.d. All of these.

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In arising unit costs, overhead prices should it is in assigned using task drivers. Which would be the likelyactivity driver for a production procedure using a lathe?a. Systems producedb. Direct labor hoursc. An equipment hoursd. Direct materials cost
? is the absolute maximum production activity of a production firm.Expected task levelb. Normal task levelc. Theoretical task leveld. Practical task level
? is the maximum calculation that deserve to be establish if everything operates efficiently.Expected task levelb. Normal activity levelc. Theoretical task leveld. Practical task level
The ? serves together the paper that identifies every job and also accumulates the manufacturingcosts.a. Job-order price sheetb. Regulate accountc. Production orderd. Invoice of materials
A ? shows the form and quantity of each product issued to the factory.a. Manage accountb. Materials requisition formc. Manufacturing listd. Work-related ticket
If there is a debit balance in overhead control, the impliesa. Actual overhead expenses exceed overhead applied.b. Used overhead exceeds yes, really overhead.c. Yes, really overhead has actually not been closed to cost of products sold.d. None of these.