the possession of manage or command end people; authority; ascendancy: Words have actually tremendous strength over our minds.

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political dominance or control in the government of a country, state, etc.: lock attained power by overthrowing the legitimate government.
delegated authority; authority granted come a human or persons in a particular office or capacity: a delegate v power to mediate disputes.
a state or nation having international authority or influence: The good powers held an global conference.
Mathematics. the product acquired by multiply a quantity by chin one or more times: The 3rd power the 2 is 8. (of a number x) a number whose logarithm is a times the logarithm that x (and is referred to as the ath power of x). Symbolically, y =xa is a number that satisfies the equation log in y = a log in x. The exponent of one expression, as a in xa.
(of a fuel, engine, or any source able to perform work) come supply force to operate (a machine): An electrical motor strength this drill.
Informal. Express or exerting power, especially in business; including or characteristics of those having actually authority or influence, together in strength lunch;power couple;power suit.
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the powers the be, those in supreme command; the authorities: The decision is in the hands of the powers that be.
First recorded in 1300–50; middle English poair(e), poer(e), poeir, power, indigenous Anglo-French, Old French po(u)eir, poer, poor, noun use of infinitive poe(i)r, pooir “to be able,” native assumed Vulgar Latin potēre, instead of Latin posse “to be able, have power”; check out potent1
powder snow, powdery, powdery mildew, Powell, Powell, Colin, power, power amplifier, power assist, power-assisted, PowerBar, strength base
speak reality to powerThe interesting story behind this expression dates back to the Quakers and pacifist movements for society justice.

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capability, capacity, function, influence, potential, skill, talent, energy, force, intensity, strength, weight, authority, clout, jurisdiction, law, leadership, management, prestige, privilege
legal authority to act, esp in a mentioned capacity, for another the document conferring together authority
statistics the probability the rejecting the null hypothesis in a test when it is false. The power of a check of a given null counts on the particular alternative hypothesis against which the is tested
physics engineering a measure up of the rate of doing occupational expressed together the occupational done every unit time. The is measure up in watts, horsepower, etcSymbol: P
the rate at which electric energy is fed right into or taken from a device or system. The is expressed, in a direct-current circuit, as the product of current and also voltage and, in one alternating-current circuit, as the product that the reliable values the the current and also voltage and the cosine that the phase angle between them. It is measure up in watt (as modifier)a power amplifier