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Answer: Helen Her name shows up once Lucy meets Tumnus for the first time ("my mommy is referred to as Helen").
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During the fight, the White Witch not only participates, but she takes on some of the siblings. Which of the children receives a virtually fatal wound from the White Witch"s wand?

2 I was the youngest male sibling of the Pevensie children, and the initially among them to accomplish the White Witch. Little did I recognize that she had actually plans to kill my siblings and me! Who played me?
Answer: Skandar Keynes Keynes, born on September 5th, 1991, in London, England also was actors as Edmund in this initially instalment of "The Chronicles of Narnia" film series. Edmund wondered about Lucy"s story, of once she entered the wardrobe and also entered a magical world well-known as Narnia. However before, he entered the wardrobe someday and saw that Narnia existed. He met the White Witch and also asked her if he might have actually some turkish delight. She made him some and sassist that, if he brought his siblings to her castle in between the hills, she would offer him more turkish delight. At some point all 4 of the Pevensie children gotten in Narnia and Edmund went off to The White Witch"s castle. This was where he observed that she had intended to kill all of his siblings and also him. She took Edmund prisoner but he was eventually freed. Keynes reprised his role of Edmund in "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" and also "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". He was likewise checked out in the television movies, "Victoria Died in 1901 and is Still Alive Today" and "Ferrari".
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Answer: red fox Red foxes are the the majority of prevalent type of foxes. Mr. Fox had actually all the maremperors that red foxes have. He had actually reddish-brown fur, babsence paws, and a white belly and white-tipped tail. Like in actual life, the fox and also the wolves were enemies in the movie. Rupert Everett offered the voice for Mr. Fox.
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Answer: A book C.S. Lewis composed the "Narnia" publications, salso in all, and also of them, "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" is the a lot of well-known and also well-known.
Answer: They were evacuated bereason of the battle. The opening scenes of the movie show how horrible life was for everyone during the Battle of Britain, in the Second World War. Many youngsters were evacuated to nation dwellings, where they would certainly be at much less risk from falling bombs. Families being asked to administer sanctuary for these children rarely had actually any option in the issue.
6 Who is Lucy responding to once she annoyedly claims, "I"m not a dwarf, I"m a girl!" after she first procedures into Narnia?

Answer: Mr. Tumnus When Tumnus first encounters Lucy, he renders this error, mistaking Lucy for a dwarf. After Lucy corrects him, Tumnus is shocked...she is actually a Daughter of Eve!
7 Now through Aslan and his army, the three siblings (still minus Edmund) feel safe and secure. This defense does not last lengthy, yet, as the chief of the White Witch"s trick police, Maugrim, suddenly appears. Peter battles Maugrim solo, and also emerges victorious. Aslan then knights young Peter, providing him what brand-new title?

Answer: Wolfsbane Aslan"s lieutenants aim to aid Peter in handling Maugrim, however Aslan remains their hands. He insists that this is Peter"s battle alone. After Peter emerges triumphant, Aslan deems the young man "Sir Peter Wolfsbane, Knight of Narnia".
8 Now totally entrenched in Narnia, the 4 Pevensie siblings are unexpectedly faced through a talking beaver. What item does Mr. Beaver go back to Lucy, on befifty percent of Mr. Tumnus?

Answer: Handkerchief Lucy had gave Mr. Tumnus through a handkerchief throughout their first meeting, and had left it through him, claiming that he required it even more than she did. Mr. Beaver hands the handkerchief to Lucy after they initially meet, claiming that Mr. Tumnus had provided it to him before his arrest.
9 As the film opens, we watch England also being bombed by German planes. The scene shifts to four siblings, namely Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, frantically running via their mom to a bomb sanctuary. Suddenly, Edmund defies his mother and older siblings, running ago into his house to retrieve which item?

Your options: < His mother"s robe > < His sister"s doll > < His father"s photograph > < His marble game >
Answer: His father"s photograph
Immediately it is made clear that Edmund is a rebellious young male who has actually challenge complying with the instructions of his elders. The 10-year old Edmund is played by 14-year old Skandar Keynes in this film, his first attribute film function. (Note: The periods listed for the personalities in this quiz are acquired from the book by C.S. Lewis.)
Answer: Macall set Macprepared resides with the professor in a huge mansion. When she picks up the youngsters at the train terminal, she seems incredibly suppose.
Answer: Georgie Henley Henley, a aboriginal of Yorkshire, England also took on the function of Lucy Pevensie. One day Lucy and also her siblings played hide and seek at Professor Kirke"s home. Lucy hid inside the wardrobe and also went to the ago of it. As she did, she felt scurrently and a tree so she continued to walk and experienced that there was land beyond the wardrobe. The initially person she met was a faun named Mr. Tumnus and also he asked her if she was a daughter of Eve. Lucy shelp no and presented herself by giving Mr. Tumnus her name. Mr. Tumnus told her she remained in Narnia and took her back to his residence and provided her some tea. When Lucy went earlier to Professor Kirke"s residence to indevelop her siblings of what she witnessed, they did not believe her. However before, they eventually observed that Narnia was genuine. Henley reprised her role of Lucy in "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" and "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". Her just other acting crmodify was starring in two episodes in the TV series, "Jane Eyre".
Answer: He was on Aslan"s side. Mr. Fox was among the few pets that had actually gained to stop via Aslan. Mr. Beaver was exceptionally suprised when he heard that he had actually gotten to watch Aslan. Mrs. Beaver asked, "What is he like?". Mr. Fox answered, "Like whatever we have ever heard. He"ll be a great assist fighting the White Witch.".
Answer: Coombe Halt The story was collection during World War II, as soon as the Germans were bombing London. It was throughout this time that they permitted kids refugees to travel to the countryside to escape war-devastated London. The Pevensie youngsters took the train and, seemingly, were the last to get off, which shown that they traveled the farthest. They were sent out to live via Professor Kirke and also Mrs. Macall set.
Answer: a white unicorn Since Aslan had actually available himself in sacrifice, in exchange for Edmund"s life, he was not tright here once the fight began. Due to the prophecy, the centaur assumed that Peter would certainly naturally take Aslan"s role at the head of the army, and Peter reluctantly agreed. While watching the witch approach, Peter was mounted on a beautiful white unicorn. The unicorn obviously brought him willingly, as no bridle or saddle was vital as Peter rode into fight.
15 Throughout a game of hide and seek, Lucy was the first to find her way right into Narnia via the ago of the wardrobe. She met up with the Faun Tumnus, that readily available her a cup of tea, and probably some sardines at his residence. Once tbelow, just how did Tumnus lull Lucy to sleep?

Answer: by playing a lullaby on his pipes While Lucy was drinking her tea, Tumnus played a Narnian lullaby on his wonderful pipes. While listening and also watching magical figures dance among the flames, Lucy"s eyes gained heavier and also heavier, and also soon she was asleep.
16 After his long separation from his siblings, Edmund ultimately arrives earlier through his brothers and sisters. Regardless of his betrayal, they greet him warmly and welcome Edmund ago right into their hearts. Unfortunately, the White Witch shortly adheres to and provides a insurance claim that Edmund"s fate belongs to her. What word does she use to define Edmund?

Answer: Traitor According to the White Witch, Edmund is a traitor, and eincredibly traitor in Narnia belongs to her. She also claims that "unmuch less I have actually blood as I demand also, Narnia will die". Aslan is well conscious of the regulations that govern Narnia, and also he willingly meets through the White Witch in secret. After the meeting, it is determined that Edmund deserve to go cost-free, yet not without another"s sacrifice...
17 In the Beaver hut, the youngsters learn about the prophecy that they seem to satisfy, namely, that two "Sons of Adam" and also two "Daughters of Eve" will arrive to supply Narnia from the clutches of the evil White Witch. They learn this over an amazing meal consisting of which items?

Answer: Fish and also chips
Typical beaver fare, really. The fish are entirety fish and also the "chips" are actually hardwood chips! During their meal, Mr. Beaver also talks about Aslan and also the Stone Table. The youngsters are rather perplexed, but listen intently.
18 Edmund is the second child to undertaking right into the magical civilization of Narnia, having complied with Lucy in the time of her second excursion right into the wardrobe. Not being able to uncover Lucy, he explores the frigid woods of Narnia alone until he encounters a good sledge, pulled by reindeer. What is the name of the spooky bit dwarf that drives the sledge?

Answer: Ginarrbrik Ginarrbrik is played by actor/stuntman Kiran Shah, that has previously showed up in such movies as "Legend", "Rerevolve of the Jedi" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark".
19 World War II has actually commenced and also the bombing raids are sindicate also dangerous for kids. Peter, Susan, Edmund and also Lucy are sent off by their mommy to a remote mansion where they will be safe. Before being resituated, what location in the better London location carry out they speak to home?

Answer: Finchley Finchley is a residential location in Barnet, a bostormy of London. The kids are sent off to a practically deserted location called Coombe Halt, where they are to continue to be with a professor. Just before their mommy sends out them ameans, she states to the eldest boy Peter, "Promise me you"ll look after the other ones".
Answer: Turkish delight The White Witch supplied Turkish delight to lure Edmund to her castle. He asked for some when they initially met. She told him that she would certainly give him plenty if she visits him with his brvarious other and sisters. She was planning to kill them.
21 I was the oldest of the Pevensie kids and aided Aslan and also his army beat the White Witch in the film"s last battle. Who played me?

Answer: William Moseley Moseley obtained the component of Peter Pevensie for this movie. Due to the fact that he was the oldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Pevensie, he defended his other brother, Edmund, and both his sisters, Susan and also Lucy. He additionally tried his best to act choose the adult son. Peter and his siblings were evacuated to the English countryside to prevent the bombings of World War II. When Lucy told Peter around Narnia, he told her it was a "jolly great hoax". Later in the film, Father Christmas came and also gave Peter a sword referred to as Rhindon as well as a shield. These came in handy for Peter when he battled in the last fight against the White Witch and also her army. Moseley reprised the function of Peter in "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" and "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". He was likewise watched in the tv movies, "Cider via Rosie" and also "Goodbye, Mr. Chips", the last of which was released in 2002.
Answer: He asked him to gather troops. After Mr. Fox assisted the youngsters and beavers, he told them that he did not have actually time to continue to be and also let his wounds heal. Susan asked, "You"re leaving?". He replied, "It has been a pleacertain, my Queen. I have actually been asked by Aslan, himself, to gather more troops.". Later in the movie, after among the wolves recorded Mr. Fox, he told the White Witch that he discovered the fox gathering troops close to Sharwood Foremainder.
Answer: Helen Lucy pointed out her mother"s name as soon as Mr. Tumnus asked her, "Are you a Daughter of Eve?" and also she responded, "Well, my mother"s name is Helen." Mrs. Pevensie was played by Judy McIntosh. Jadis was the White Witch"s genuine name and it was discussed just as soon as in the movie, as soon as Peter review Mr. Tumnus" warrant of arrest. In Narnia, female human beings were dubbed Daughters of Eve while male people were called Sons of Adam, so I hope you didn"t get puzzled there.
Answer: silver with a red lion The lion obviously represented Aslan. However before, the "lion rampant" (standing on its high legs), has actually historically been a British emblem. It is presently the symbol that is on among the two Scottish flags (the other being the Cross of St. Andrew). It was incorporated into the British Coat of Arms once Scotland also and England initially common a king, James the First, in 1603.Edmund"s shield was red and gold via a lion"s head, which is hard to see in the movie.

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