A picnic to be arranged because that the members that a club. The organizer started calling all the members to discover how numerous members would be
mmsanotherstage2019.com: 13.6% needed much more time yet then claimed no. 25.6% were contacted but said no.To perform this problem, you have actually to create a tree diagram with every one of the possibilities.The first branch separates through 20% not being contacted and also 80% being contacted.Then, the 80% branch can be broken into 12% speak no and 68% needing more time (multiply by 15% and 85%).Then, the 68% branch can be broken into 54.4% going and also 13.6 not going (multiply by 80% and 20%).With the tree diagram, just pick the percents that you need.

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Translation:We understand that atom bond with each various other forming brand-new substances. Exactly how do this unions occur?
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The unions occur by the interaction of the valence electrons of each pair the atoms, which allow to reach the most stable configuration, that of a complete last shell, and they are, mainly, among trhee types:



Two atoms will bond together depending upon the interactions between their particular outermost electron or valence electrons, i.e. The electron that have actually the greatest main energy level.

Metalic atom of the groups 1 and 2 have 1 and also 2 valence electron respectively, therefore they deserve to release 1 or 2 electrons, respetively, to reach the configuration of a noble gas (full valence shell).

Non steel atoms of teams 16, and 17, have actually 6, and also 7 valence electron respectively; so they can acquire 2 or 1 electrons, respectively, to finish with a full valence shell.

When a metal atom deliver one or 2 electrons come a nonmetal atom the previous forms a positive ion (cation) and also the latter creates a an unfavorable ion (anion). Then, these two ions space electrostatically attractive to each other forming a ionic bond.

Two non-metal atoms typically will share their valence electrons, rather of transfering them, creating covalent bonds.

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Metal atoms have delocalized electron which can be loose attracted through the nuclei that other metal atoms forming what is usually dubbed a \"sea that electrons\". This is the metallic bond.