THE kite RUNNERCharacters by ChapterEDITOR:Kristian Fabricante
1RahimKhanAmir's friend. Service partner & best friend the Amir"s father.

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HassanThe Hare lipped kite runner. Amir"s childhood friend.
BabaAmir"s father. Aka: Mr. Hurricane.
AliHassan"s father. Baba"s friend. Aka: Boogeyman, Babalu.
2NaderShahThe Iranian ruler.
SanaubarHassan"s mother. Ali"s cousin and also wife.
KhoramiAn Iranian author.
3SofiaAkramiAmir"s mother.
FatiullahKhanAmir"s teacher.
HenryKissingerThe United states secretary that state.
4JohnWayneAn American actor.
RostamThe an excellent warrior.
RakhshRostam"s fleet-footed horse.
Sohrab (1)Rostam"s valiant nemesis.
5Zahir ShahThe present Afghanistan king.
AssefMahmood"s son.
MahmoodBaba"s friend. One airline pilot.
WaliAssef"s friend.
KamalAssef"s friend.
DaoudKhanThe president of Afghanistan.
Dr.KumarA plastic surgeon from new Delhi.
6AhmadZahirAmir"s neighbor.
SaifoA almost blind old man. The famous kite maker.
7OmarAmir"s friend. A child of one engineer.
8HomayounBaba"s second cousin.
ShafiqaBaba"s cousin.
FaruqNader"s brother.
FazilaHomayoun"s daughter.
KarimaFazila"s twin.
SalahuddinBaba"s butcher.
Del MuhammadBaba"s friend that owned a kabab house.
DelloBaba"s friend.
HomairaRahim"s fiance.
JalalKhanRahim"s brother.
10KarimA man who drives people out of Shorawi.
ToorKarim"s brother.
JalaluddinAmir"s servant.
11JimmyCarterThe former U.S. President.
RonaldReaganThe current U.S. President.
Mr.NguyenOwner of fast & simple grocery store.
Mrs.NguyenMr. Nguyen"s wife.
Mrs.DobbinsAmir"s eligibility officer.
Mr. IqbalTaheriA general in Kabul. Baba"s friend.
SorayaTaheriMr. Taheri"s daughter. A girl the Amir drops in love with.
12JamilaTaheriSoraya"s mother. Aka: Khanum Taheri.
GhaziAmir"s grandfather.
ZibaIqbal"s previous servant.
Dr.SchneiderA pulmonologist.
Dr.AmaniAn Iranian pulmonologist.
13SharifJamila"s brother. Soraya"s uncle who worked for INS.
SuzySharif"s wife.
MartinGreenwaltAmir"s agent.
Dr.RosenSoraya and Amir"s doctor.
15GholamAmir"s driver.
16FarzanaHassan"s wife.
Sohrab(2)Hassan and also Farzana"s son.
17ThomasCaldwellRahim"s American friend that runs a charity.
BettyCaldwellThomas"s wife.
19AhmadS. MassoudA Tajik Hero.
FaridAmir"s driver.
WahidFarid"s brother.
20The Bala Hissar ft - ancient citadel that the Warlord Dostum lived in in 1992.
SasaHassan"s grandmother.
ZamanThe director of the orphanage in Afghanistan.
23AishaAmir"s nurse.
Dr. FaruqiA head and also neck surgeon.
24Shah Faisal - The greatest mosque in the world.
Mr.FayazzAmir"s brand-new friend. The hotel manager where Amir stayed.
AyubA caller from a talk show on T.V.
RaymondAndrewsThe clerk at the American Embassy.
OmarFaisalAn immigration lawyer the Raymond recommends to Amir.

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NawazAmir"s doctor.
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