The parameters of a function.

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Artistic EffectVarious creative mediums and special impacts designed for usage on image in Excel.
AxisA heat bordering the chart plot area offered as a structure of referral for measurement.
Change HistoryIn a shared workbook, a feature that consists of the surname of the human who made each change, when the readjust was made, and what data to be changed.
ChartA graphical representation of numeric data in a worksheet.
Chart AreaThe entire chart and all that is elements.
Chart SheetA paper that has only a chart.
Clip ArtDrawings and also illustration files available in Excel.
Conditional FormulaA formula in i m sorry the an outcome is established by the visibility or lack of a particular condition.
CriteriaA problem you clues to limit which documents are returned once filtering data.
Data LabelText that provides additional information about a data marker, which to represent a solitary data point or value that originates indigenous a worksheet cell.
Data MarkerA bar, area, dot, slice, or other symbol in a chart that represents a single data allude or worth that originates indigenous a worksheet cell.
Data SeriesA heat or obelisk of data represented by a line, collection of columns, bars, or other chart type.
DuotoneAn photo with two colors.
Embedded ChartA chart put on a worksheet quite than on a separate chart sheet.
GraphicAn art-related object, such as a drawing, image, or shape.
HandleA tiny box on the next and/or edge of the graphic the you click and pull to increase or to decrease the dimension of a graphic.
LegendAn explanatory list that identifies the trends or colour assigned to the data series or categories in a chart.
Lookup FunctionsAn efficient way to find for and also insert a value in a cell as soon as the preferred value is stored in other places in the worksheet or even in a different workbook.
MetadataA collection of data the describes and also gives information around other data.
PasswordText that must be entered before a user can access a secured workbook, worksheet, or worksheet elements.
PivotChartA graphical representation of the data in a PivotTable.
PivotTableA very configurable table the condenses large amounts that data.
Plot AreaThe area bounded through axes in a chart.
SaturationChanging from color to black and white or to better or decreased levels that color.
ShapeAn editable line, circle, arrow, star, or other form.
Shared WorkbookA workbook collection up to permit multiple networked users to view and also make alters simultaneously.
SmartArt GraphicA visual depiction of information and ideas, such together an organization chart, a flow chart, a process, or a Venn diagram.
SparklinesMiniature graphs the summarize data; commonly used to graphically describe trends in data.
Strong PasswordA password the combines uppercase and also lowercase letters, numbers, and also symbols do the password an overwhelming to guess.
TableA range of cells in a worksheet that contains related data and can be supplied by a lookup function.
Table ArrayData in a table i ordered it in rows and columns.
Text BoxA floating crate in a worksheet that can contain message or graphics.
TitleDescriptive text that is aligned come an axis or at the peak of a chart.
Track ChangesA attribute that marks and also records transforms made come a workbook.

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WordArtAn Office feature that combine text and artistic effects.