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The title of the story”The Gift of Magi” is symbolic to the biblical recommendation to the three wise males or magi, who were current at the birth of infant Jesus so they could give their presents of Gold, Frankincense and also myrrh come the baby Jesus. Despite the gifts being straightforward in nature their brought a spiritual an interpretation rather than a product one. The gift of gold represents earthly kingmanship, frankincense represents the price of godliness and also myrrh to represent the prize of death. We find the symbolic meanings of the presents given by Jim Young and also Della Young come each various other at the end as the story progresses.

As the story starts we can plainly see the the couple (Jim and Della Young) live in poverty as O. Henry provides us with enough symbols to do it evident. The price of “a letter-box too small to hold a letter”, “an electric bell, but it can not make a sound” make it evidently clear the Jim and Della young to be living in poverty. Despite they were living in poverty your love was deep because that each other. Della Young needs to to buy a gift for Jim Young because that the Christmas however she has actually only one dollar and eighty seven cents due to the fact that of i beg your pardon she is really sad which deserve to be watched in the currently “She stood by the window and looked out with no interest” i beg your pardon is a symbol of looking into their poverty stricken resides with no hope and also enthusiasm. But that look on her challenge quickly changes when she sees herself in the mirror with her gorgeously lengthy hair. Her has been described by O. Henry as “her hair was an ext beautiful than any type of queen’s jewels and also gifts”, “shining choose a falling stream of brown water”. Hair is also the symbol of she feminine beauty and also sensuality. She hair i m sorry is so precious to her as so come Jim she decides to reduced her and also sell that in order to buy the ideal gift possible for Jim. She reaches the shop and sells her hair for twenty dollars. In order come buy the best gift gift because that Jim Young she roams indigenous shop to shop and also stumbles top top a yellow chain for Jim’s clock which is really plain and basic “as all beneficial things are”. “Quiteness and also value- Jim and the chain both had quiteness and also value”. Right here Jim’s clock symbolises prosperity and progress as expensive watches are a price of prosperity and progress which similar to Jim’s clock is being passed down from generations to generations together a object of value and pride to be worn and own. Della only are afraid that Jim would not favor her with her brief hair. Yet on the contradictory Jim marketed his yellow watch to buy Della a comb installed with jewels for her long, beautiful and gorgeous hair.

Both of them offered their most prised possession(hair and also watch) in stimulate to however the many perfect gift for each other. I beg your pardon symbolises the sacrifice each character do in order to give the perfect gift feasible to give the delight to each other. However as intended from O. Henry it has actually a surprise ending as both the presents given byt them come each various other becomes useless together Della sold her hair because that which Jim obtained her a comb and Jim offered his watch for which Della obtained him a gold chain. As relation come the title of the story the material presents they both provided each deemed to useless but the love they showed for each other was priceless and just what castle needed.

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Also gift the story written v a plot worrying Christmas and also the title of the story getting its recommendation from the Bible. O. Henry rekindles the soul of Christmas through symbolising the pleasure of giving. That does not matter if the gift is materially adequate or not but the joy or value pertained to the gift is what yes, really matters.









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