Blitzkrieg is a term provided to explain a method of offensive warfare designed to strike a swift, focused blow in ~ an foe using mobile, maneuverable forces, consisting of armored tanks and air support. Such an attack ideally leads to a rapid victory, limiting the ns of soldiers and also artillery. Many famously, blitzkrieg explains the effective tactics used by Nazi Germany in the beforehand years of human being War II, together German forces swept v Poland, Norway, Belgium, Holland and France with astonishing speed and also force.

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Blitzkrieg Definition

Blitzkrieg, which way “lightning war” in German, had its root in previously military strategy, including the influential work the the 19th-century Prussian basic Carl von Clausewitz. Clausewitz suggest the “concentration principle,” the idea the concentrating forces versus an enemy, and also making a solitary blow versus a very closely chosen target (the Schwerpunkt, or “center of gravity”) was an ext effective than dispersing those forces.

In the wake of your defeat in human being War I, German army leaders established that a lack of mobile, maneuverable forces and flexible tactics had actually led that conflict to bog down in the attrition of trench warfare. As a result, while France concentrated its efforts between the wars on building up its protective border, recognized as the Maginot Line, the Germans chose to prepare because that a much shorter conflict winner through military maneuvers, fairly than in the trenches. 

This emphasis on mobile warfare was in component a response to Germany’s relatively limited military resources and manpower, together a an outcome of the strictures imposed on the by the treaty of Versailles. After ~ Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933 and also made clean his intention come rearm the nation, he encouraged younger commanders like Heinz Guderian, who suggested for the prominence of both tanks and aircraft in this mobile technique to warfare.

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Uses of Blitzkrieg in civilization War II

German forces employed some tactics linked with blitzkrieg in the Spanish Civil battle in 1936 and the intrusion of Poland in 1939, including linked air-ground attacks and the usage of Panzer tank divisions to quickly crush the poorly equipped polishing troops. Then in April 1940, Germany attacked neutral Norway, seizing the capital, Oslo, and the country’s key ports with a series of surprised attacks.

In may 1940 came Germany’s invasion of Belgium, the Netherlands and also France, throughout which the the Wehrmacht (German army) supplied the an unified force that tanks, mobile infantry and artillery troops to drive v the Ardennes Forest and quickly penetrated the ally defenses.

With nearby air assistance from the Luftwaffe (German waiting force) and also the advantage of radio interactions to aid in coordinating strategy, the Germans blazed through northern France and also toward the English Channel, pushing the brothers Expeditionary pressure into a pocket roughly Dunkirk. By the end of June, the French army had collapsed, and the country sued for peace with Germany. 

In 1941, German pressures again employed blitzkrieg techniques in their intrusion of the Soviet Union, expecting a brief campaign prefer the one they had took pleasure in in western Europe the ahead spring. But the strategy proved much less successful versus the very organized and well-armed Soviet defenses, and by 1943 Germany had actually been compelled into a protective war on all fronts.