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- No, come on. You should shot my Dad"s an enig Ingredient Soup.

- He actually knows the mystery ingredient.

- What do you talk about? This is amazing!

- Wow! You"re a really great cook.

- ns wish mine mouth to be bigger.

- Tigress, you"ve got to shot this.

- the is said that the Dragon Warrior have the right to survive because that months top top nothing but the dew that a solitary ginkgo leaf and also the power of the universe.

- i guess my human body doesn"t understand it"s the Dragon Warrior yet.

- I"m gonna need a lot much more than dew and also universe juice.

- What?

- Oh, Nothing... Master Shifu.

- You"ll never be the Dragon Warrior uneven you lose 500 pounds and also brush your teeth!

- What is that noise you"re making? Laughter? I never heard of it!


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He to be so deadly in fact, the his adversaries would go blind from overexposure to pure awesomeness.
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Actors: Jack black (Po), Ian McShane (Tai Lung), Dustin Hoffman (Master Shifu), Angelina Jolie (Master Tigress), Jackie Chan (Master Monkey)

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