It is so late August throughout the 2nd World War, and also Kathleen Drover has returned to her residence in London. She has involved collect items she will bring back to she family, who are right now living in the landscape to protect against bombings in the city. Inside, Mrs. Drover marvels at just how deteriorated the house has become and also how strange the as soon as familiar setting now feels come her. As she makes her method upstairs, she look at a letter addressed to her on the room table.

She is confused and irritated by the letter, and also lists the factors its gift there doesn’t do sense. The letter’s sender notifies Mrs. Drover that this day is “our anniversary,” and also refers to their imminent meeting “at the hour arranged.” Mrs. Drover becomes visibly shaken and also goes to the winter to research her own reflection, may be in an attempt to patience herself, and then makes additional attempts to disregard the letter and its result on she by busying herself v the chest and also its contents. These attempts, however, prove fruitless: as the clock begins to win the hour, Mrs. Drover marvels if this is the hour the letter ad to. An extreme flashback follows, during which the leader sees Mrs. Drover as a girl in the garden the her household home during the first World War. She is with a guy who is older than her, and the leader realizes the this is her former fiancé, on leaving from fighting in France. A crucial aspect of the recall is Mrs. Drover’s desire to leaving the firm of she fiancé and run back toward the house and the safety and security of she mother and also sister. The reader additionally learns the Mrs. Drover “behaved well” when her fiancé was later reported absent and presumed dead, however that she struggled to get in into relationship with various other men and also felt disconnected from every little thing for some time afterwards.

Returning to the present moment, Mrs. Drover has drawn some sinister conclusions from the appearance of the letter, especially that it was somehow sent by her previous fiancé, who believes she has made a promise to accomplish him at her home on this very day. Together such, the home now poses an instant threat: she is trapped within while her old fiancé may be looms ever closer. Indigenous this suggest in the story, Mrs. Drover becomes completely fixated ~ above escape, but her initiatives are continually jeopardized by her inability to stay concentrated in the existing moment. Eventually, she provides a arrangement to leave the house and find a taxi who driver have the right to return to the residence with her to help her collection her belongings. Emotion emboldened, she goes to the optimal of the stairs and feels a draft coming increase from the basement, as though someone has just left the house from the area, and she now dares to leave the house herself.

Outside, Mrs. Drover provides her method to the taxi rank, wherein she climbs right into a taxi together the clock strikes seven. For a couple of moments, she believes herself safe. This initial id is quickly upturned, however, as she realizes the driver has started driving there is no her telling him whereby she’s going. She tries to gain his attention, and he responds through abruptly braking the car and transforming around to confront her. Mrs. Drover’s terrified response upon seeing his face suggests that she establish the male as her former fiancé, possibly under some type of superordinary influence. The leader understands that she is in jeopardy as soon as more, a currently made every the more potent together she had thought herself safe at last.

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The story closes considerably with Mrs. Drover screaming and also beating top top the windows of the taxi as she is abducted into London’s deserted streets.