In 1976, a solitary ornament, an Angel, was produced by the Danbury Mint; the first issue in the Danbury gold Christmas Ornament Collection. The was an easy and elegant. Make of heavy brass and then richly electroplated with actual 23kt gold, that solitary Angel began a tradition which continues. Together the year passed, the ornaments became more complex. You deserve to see an example of the progression of art and modern technology in the slideshow above.

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In 1985, Barb began collecting the Danbury yellow Christmas Ornament Collection. She knew nothing about the history of the collection; she just knew she love them. In 1988, she married Dave that was as intrigued through the beauty beauty of these accessories as she was. Castle both ended up being curious and started researching them only to discover that the collection started through that single simple-yet-elegant 1976 Angel. Then in 1977, the Danbury Mint started issuing an ornament a month add to the yearly ornament. Barb had actually to uncover them so she can have she own complete collection.

She was happy to discover every single ornament in the Danbury Mint gold Christmas Ornament Collection and completed the treasure hunt in the mid-1990s. Barb have the right to still recall the excitement once she opened up the box through her last find on eBay and also knew that now she owned every solitary ornament! over there were countless sellers and also other collectors the helped accomplish their goal no to point out the support and also patience presented by the Danbury Mint who was always willing come answer Barb’s never-ending questions also as provide lists of all the ornaments. Danbury Mint go not have pictures of all the ornaments though. Girlfriend see, when this arsenal started, we were no yet in the “Digital Age”. Perhaps that is why Dave and Barb determined to construct the original website; to permit other collectors to view all the ornaments, aid identify what they could be absent and re-publishing the beauty of the collection with family and also friends.

By 2004, Barb & Dave’s lives and careers to be so crazy the they did not have actually time to save up through the website yet it never ever stopped lock from continuing to build their collection. However now that they space retired, Dave chose it was time come redesign the site, take brand-new photos of all the accessories and, as soon as again, re-superstructure the beauty of these accessories with other collectors around the world.

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So here it is! Barb and also Dave expect you gain this site and also the collection. Castle will upgrade the pictures each year – probably in November or December each year – once they photo the present year’s ornaments before placing the brand-new ornaments on their tree!


We desire to say thanks to the Danbury Mint because, without your beautiful yellow Christmas Ornament Collection, this project would never have happened because that us. The Danbury Mint has also been donate of our site so collectors can gain information ~ above the ornaments, learn more about the collection and also bring the beauty beauty of Christmas the the Danbury Mint displayed in their creations to life.