Interrogative pronouns are pronouns that ask concerns. A pronoun takes the area of a noun. An interrogative pronoun takes the place of the unknown indevelopment the question asks around. Tbelow are 5 interrogative pronouns: who, whom, what, which, and also whose. In this posting I talk about exactly how to use these pronouns to ask inquiries. I provide you many kind of example sentences. The downpack at the finish will certainly give you extra practice using interrogative pronouns.

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What are interrogative pronouns?

Interrogative pronouns are provided in a sentence to take the place of the unwell-known information the sentence asks about. Here are the 5 interrogative pronouns and what they refer to.

who–describes a perkid or peoplewhom–refers to a person or peoplewhat–describes a point or thingswhich–refers to people or points. This word deserve to describe something singular or plural.whose–describes a person

The interrogative pronouns who and also whom

The interrogative pronoun that can attribute as the subject of a sentence. The formula we us is who + verb.

Who took my car? I don’t recognize. Maybe it’s been stolen. 

Who told you a lie? My sister did. 

Who deserve to also function as an item. The formula we usage is who+ do/does/did + subject + base develop of the verb

Who did you invite to dinner?  (You is the topic, did invite is the verb, and also who is the direct object.) My co-worker and also her husband also.

The interrogative pronoun whom is always a things. We use the formula whom + do/does/ did + topic + base form of the verb

Whom did you see at the mall?  (You is the topic, did view is the verb, and whom is the straight object.) My next door neighbors.

Words whom is taken into consideration exceptionally formal English. Native speaker do no use it often, specifically in conversation. Many native speakers of English do not recognize the distinction between who and also whom! Remember, who have the right to be a subject or an object, but whom is always an item. We have the right to say either,”Who did you talk to?” or “Whom did you talk to?” However, we have to say “Who dubbed you?” We can’t say “Whom referred to as you?”

The interrogative pronoun what

The interrogative pronoun what is a word we usage for a point or things. It can be the topic of a sentence. right here is the formula we use: what + verb.

What happened? I got into an accident. 

Sometimes what deserve to feature as a things. When that happens we usage the adhering to formula: what + do/does/did + subject + base form of the verb

What does he want? I think he just wants a cup of coffee. 

Words what have the right to also feature as an adjective as soon as asking a question.

What math class did you sign up for next semester? I’m going to take calculus. 

The interrogative pronoun which

The interrogative pronoun which is comparable to what. However before, it deserve to refer to both points and also people, and also it can be either singular or plural. Which always entails an option between 2 or more alternatives. Which may be the topic of a sentence. Use this formula: which + verb.

Which is you sister, the blonde or the brunette? The blonde. The brunette is my cousin. 

Which is your favorite, footsphere, tennis, or basketball? It’s football for me! 

Which have the right to also be an item. Use this formula as soon as which is an object: which + do/does/did + subject + base create of the verb.

Which did he choose, coffee or tea? He decided tea. 

Which do you prefer, Tom Hanks or Matt Damon? I prefer them both, yet I think I prefer Tom Hanks. 

Finally, which deserve to feature as an adjective while asking a question.

Which sport to you favor better, basketsphere or football? I choose basketball. 

Which one is your brvarious other, the tall or the short man? The tall one. 

The interrogative pronoun whose

Whose refers to a perkid. It implies possession. It means,” Who owns this object?,” or “Who does this point belengthy to? It is frequently the topic of a sentence. This is the formula we usage the whose is a subject: whose + be verb + pronoun

Whose is this? (This suggests “Who does this thing belengthy to?”) It’s mine. 

Whose are these? (This suggests, ” Who owns these things?“) They belong to my brothers. 

Whose deserve to likewise attribute as an adjective as soon as offered to ask a question.

Whose car is that? It’s my mother’s.

Whose dogs are these? One belongs to my uncle and also the various other to my cousin.

Be cautious. It is simple to confusage whose with who’s. They have exceptionally various meanings. Whose is an interrogative pronoun that implies possession. Who’s is a contractivity for that is. Look at the complying with sentences.

Whose hat is this? This suggests that owns this hat. It’s hers. It would certainly not make sense to say “Who is hat is this?”

Who’s at the door? This suggests, ” What perboy is at the door?” It’s a salesman .It would certainly not make sense to say, “Who owns to the person at the door?

Interrogative pronouns through the word ever

We can include the word ever to an interrogative pronoun to add focus. We can also add ever before to use an interrogative pronoun to make a statement fairly than ask a question. Here are some examples.

You have the right to tell whoever you want around it, I don’t care. This suggests you deserve to tell anyone. It’s OK via me.

2. whomeverWhomever did you view yesterday? This means I am surprised at whom you might have actually seen.

She deserve to tell whomever she desires. It doesn’t matter to me.

3. Whatever–Whatever before are you doing? This indicates that I have no concept what you are doing, however I really desire to know!

You have the right to perform whatever you desire. This implies that I don’t treatment what you do.

4. WhicheverWhichever one carry out you want? This suggests that I have no concept which one you want, however you need to made a decision somepoint.

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You can pick whichever one you desire.  They’re all the exact same to me. 

You now know the five interrogative pronouns, who, whom, what, which, and whose. We use these pronouns to ask concerns. They stand also for the unrecognized indevelopment that the sentence asks about. Who, what, and also which can be topics, objects, or adjectives. Whom is always an object. It is thought about incredibly formal English, and also we don’t usage it extremely regularly. Whose can be a subject or an adjective. We deserve to add ever before to who, whom, what, or which to include focus or to make a statement. The downfill will give you extra practice utilizing interrogative pronouns.

You can download the exercise sheet now!

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