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This is the 4th time(in a month) the inspect Engine irradiate on then follow by the TSC irradiate on.To do the TSC light OFF, I revolve the vehicle OFF, the start it back... But the examine engine light still on, so, I need to pull the Back-Up fuse (40Amp) because that 3 sec, then put it back....In the manual said that it reason by the warmth from the disc brake... Which is do sense, reason it just happend in the hot weather...My question now, go anyone have the exact same problem? if does, just how do I settle it...BTW, my auto 2000 Ody EX-L Navi w/ 116K milesthanks
2012 Honda Odyssey Touring elite (V3 Trinton LED, COB third BL, LED Door handle, twin Turn Signal and Reverse Light, ect) Youtube2006 Acura TSX2000 Honda Odyssey EX-L navigating (sold)2003 Honda Accord EX (sold)1993 Honda public EX (sold)
I agree. Watch your dealer. This usually way something is wrong with the TCS device (aka.. Transmission). Almost all who have reported having TCS light on climate engine irradiate on quickly after ended up needing a brand-new transmission after ~ a visit come the dealer to read the codes. If you are afraid of your dealer try an Auto region (or any type of auto components store). They will read your codes for free. Climate report earlier here with what code is stored when this happens.
Sorry around the bad news... However, that is feasible that it can not be her transmission. A pair owners here have reported needing various other items replaced besides the transmission... I simply can"t remember what those various other items where. :stupid:
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The TCS indicator will come on v many inspect engine DTCs. You must pull the check engine codes and fix that problem. The inspect engine and also TCS lights will come on with any kind of of the adhering to failures: boil oxygen sensor,MAP sensor,CP sensor,ECT sensor,TP sensor,TDC sensor 1 or 2,IAT sensor,EGR,barometric pressure sensor,IAC valve,VTEC pressure switch,knock sensor,fuel supply system,automatic transaxcle,misfires. ,, So save guessing and also reseting the password or have them check out to determine where the difficulty is. While most of the troubles here address the infection failures go not typical it is a infection problem. The over information is in the ABS/TCS Indicator troubleshooting in the Helm business manual.
thanks for the advise guys.... I"ll lug it come autozone once the examine engine irradiate On again...hopefully it"s not something major....

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2012 Honda Odyssey Touring elite (V3 Trinton LED, COB 3rd BL, LED Door handle, dual Turn Signal and Reverse Light, ect) Youtube2006 Acura TSX2000 Honda Odyssey EX-L navigation (sold)2003 Honda Accord EX (sold)1993 Honda public EX (sold)
thanks because that the recommend guys.... I"ll bring it to autozone once the check engine light On again...hopefully it"s no something major....
I had the exact same problem. The TCS Light would come on along with the inspect Engine light. I did the same, would cut the vehicle off, and also the TCS light would certainly go off. ~ a if it would certainly come back on and also I would do the same. A month or 2 went by and also I began noticing the transmission winding up genuine high in short gear, and violently shifting right into second. So ns talked come my local dealer, and he had me carry it in. It was the Transmission, and also luckily my Ody was spanned under an extension in the warrenty. Simply picked the up this particular day actually. Ns guess the "01"s have been well-known to have actually alot of difficulties with the trannys. If girlfriend do discover that it is the transmission, you might want to take her vin number to a regional dealer and also see if your van is on the list. I"m certain glad they did that, it saved me a totality lot that money.