The banker Toad will unlock more items as you deposit star bits. These room for the banker Toad, not Mario.

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UnlockableHow to unlock
GlassesDeposit 1000 star bits
Spear and shieldDeposit 2000 star bits
PickaxeDeposit 4000 star bits
Diver ToadDeposit 6000 star bits
Explorer ToadDeposit 8000 star bits
The Perfect RunDeposit 9999 star bits
Captain light HatDeposit 9999 star bits
1-up because that youdeposit 100sb or much more at one time

UnlockableHow come unlock
Grandmaster GalaxyCollect all 240 stars
Comet because that Grandmaster GalaxyComet Medal+Sell 9999 starbits to bankertoad

Beat Bowser at Bowser\"s Galaxy Generator. Then check the mail Toad. Climate look because that the l on the spaceship and also enter it.
UnlockableHow to unlock
LuigiBeat Bowser, check the letter Toad and also enter the spaceship through the L.
Play as Luigi in any levelBeat Bowser in ~ Bowser\"s Galaxy Generator. Then inspect the mail Toad. Climate Look for the l om the spaceship and also enter it.

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In civilization 2, the rock level ( the level wherein you usage rock Mario because that the an initial time) you can find a prankster star, on this bonus level you need to kill every the crabs in 1 minute. Kill all the blue people first, each blue crab will offer you a 1 up. If you death all 4, you deserve to make 3 life\"s a minute. If you kill 3, you can make 2 life\"s a minute. All the matters is you make at the very least two every time.
There room three approaches to get green star one on Bowser Jr.\"s Fiery Fotilla. I\"ll tell lock from difficult to easy.Hard MethodI surname it: wall Jump come the Left and also do your next wall jump!Now, go over come the left where the move to open up up that large door is. Go to the left and jump. Wall surface jump to the left to another wall, and wall jump again. Then spin earlier onto the platform. Then go throughout the large top that the castle to gain to the green star.Medium MethodI name it: ~ above the StatueHave you checked out the bowser jr. Statues? Backflip top top the top of them right into the center, the backflip+spin and wall jump+spin on come the optimal of the castle and go over to the environment-friendly star.Easy MethodI name it: Thwomp\"s huge JumpGo over to the thwomp and backflip+walljump+spin ~ above the thwomp. Wait because that it to go up then backflip+spin+walljump+spin ~ above the optimal of the castle. Then go to the eco-friendly star.There you go, three approaches to obtain the eco-friendly star!You have the right to use these methods to gain to environment-friendly Star 2 ( while on top of the castle lengthy jump come the world with eco-friendly Star 2, or simply long jump to the sling star