In the early game of Subnautica, you'll be scouring because that any source you can acquire while trying no hope to survive in the oceans of earth 4546B. Among these crucial early-game resources is Fiber Mesh.

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Fiber Mesh is supplied for a few different things that room essential early in the game. When you at some point decide to discover the wreck of the Aurora, you'll need a few Fiber Mesh prior to you can get started. Let's take a watch at exactly how to do Fiber Mesh, and where you can discover the products you'll need.

just how To do Fiber Mesh

kelp woodland biome with large creepvines and green water
Fiber Mesh is make by combining two Creepvine Samples in the Fabricator. Creepvine Samples are a raw product that can be harvest in the Kelp woodland biome.

The Kelp woodland should be easy sufficient to find, as there is one situated close to wherein your Lifepod lands. The defining feature that this biome are the large vines that thrive from the s floor, and also the environment-friendly hue that the water. This vines space Creepvines, and hitting them through your survive Knife will chop off a bit of the vine, enabling you to choose up Creepvine Samples. This article takes increase a 2x2 area in her inventory, so do some room beforehand if you have to gather a lot.

Fiber Mesh Uses

because Fiber Mesh is an early game resource that is relatively easy to acquire, the is offered for a couple of essential items. The most vital things you have the right to craft with Fiber Mesh space the clinical Kit Fabricator and also Radiation Gear.

The medical Kit Fabricator is a Habitat appliance that will certainly generate first Aid kit every 10 minutes. Placing a few of these roughly your Habitat will certainly ensure you always have an initial Aid kit stocked up for once you require them.

The Radiation Suit, Helmet, and Gloves will defend you native Radiation poisoning, enabling you come explore new areas the the world. Equipping this equipment is the only means to check out the damages of the Aurora, where you'll discover some necessary blueprints and also items.

In enhancement to these items, there space a few other uses for Fiber Mesh, noted below.

very first Aid Kit Rebreather fabricated Fibers Basic dual Bed Quilted double Bed single Bed

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