I"ve speak to her numerous times and also she"s provided me the watch, but I not know how to talk to she again and also marry her and also such.

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Go to the Casino and also give a bloke inside the watch. And also he will give you a diamond ring topropose come Tiffany.

First when she has given u the clock go within the casino provide the watch to the jewleryguy he will offer you a diamond ring then u have actually to discover her once shes stand on thesteps the the university and also she should have a heart bubble over she head thats once u canpropose

ive done every that and also it still no let me. I have the ring and also i speak to her on the stepsand she simply talks about a lengthy day of classes

how carry out u obtain her to talk to u i mean like really all she does is say the very same crap ns cantactiveate any kind of of the events or everything u contact em

where can i discover Tiffany? i have actually the ring i have actually done the search things i can discover Kate andmarry her yet where is Tiffany and around what specific time can i find her.P.S what theheck perform i do with the mcsticks map i obtained the top job there and also i obtained some mcsticks cardthat says i can get totally free food or other i acquired a much better job as a doctor yet i would liketo know what it is for

where deserve to i find Tiffany? i have the ring i have done the quest things i can uncover Kate andmarry her but where is Tiffany and also around what specific time deserve to i find her.P.S what theheck carry out i carry out with the mcsticks card i gained the height job there and also i obtained some mcsticks cardthat claims i have the right to get totally free food or something i acquired a much better job as a doctor but i would liketo recognize what it is for

If you review the map after you click it it states not precious in paper Thin City for this reason itsjust a rubbish of room in your inventory

I know that, i wanted to marry kate. the str was for the police job. i wanted to marry kate. but instead i was stuck with tiffany, I beat the game, and im lost in stick RPG 1 again. WHERES TIFFANY?? additionally i took the left portal

Kate (Intelligence)-Go come starbucks in the early on morning (before 10am). She gives you a message book.-Go come the university. Speak to the environment-friendly guy and also give that the book. He provides you acalculator.-Go to Skye"s Bar (on the second screen) in ~ night. Speak to Kate and also give she thecalculator. She gives you the mechanical pencil.-Go come the college in the afternoon (after 10am). Offer Kate the pencil. She must giveyou the watch.-Go come the casino and trade the watch for the ring.-When your intelligence is high enough, offer the ring to Kate exterior of the university inthe evening. Again, she moves in and you obtain +1 Charm every day

Devin (Negative Karma)-Go come the porn save in the afternoon. She"ll offer you the bag.-Go come Jimmy, outside Vinnie"s Bar. He"ll offer you the switchblade.-Go to the society at night. Walk to the dancefloor and talk come Devin. Give her the switchbladeand she"ll offer you the coolcard.-Go come Vinnie"s bar and talk come the cigarette smoking guy. He"ll provide you the package.-Go to the police terminal in the morning (before 10am). She gives you the watch.-Go come the casino and trade the watch because that the ring.-When your karma is an unfavorable enough go to Starbucks in the evening and give the ring toDevin. She move in and also you acquire +1 Charm per day.

I did all the steps to gain the mechanical pencil, however I can"t find Kate. The point is, Itraded the watch the TIFFANY provided me for the ring, however I"m not certain that makes adifference. My INT is 335 and I visited the college every time of day and also she"s notthere, or anywhere.

Do any of you guys know specifically how smart you must be? I have the ring but a "Propose"Option does"nt come up.

Nevermind! I simply (JUST) went to course a couple times. As soon as it was too late ns went outsideand she had actually the love thingeh. Anyways I have 297 intellegence so somewheres aroudn there

You deserve to not propose in the video game u asking 1 come marry u and they speak "Yes." see for her selvesP.S. Tiffany is at Skye"s Bar in the evening ns married she at 4:00 P.M. I think part guysaid it was 4:00-10:00 P.M. So... Does that answer everybody"s questions about Tiffany?

She is in your residence after you marry her (it dosn"t really matter where you live however itshows mam + 1 CHM day in corner

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