Just to buy an enlarge Stevens 325C in 30-30. There is no seriel number or i would number various other than "Stevens 325C".Gun shoot well, all points considered. Wherein to find much more information on these models?Any spec sheets etc?Ther bolt is very different than the other Stevens/Savages I've seen, what kind is it?The barrel shows up to screw right into the action with the exact same barrel seed set-up together a more recent model, will a contemporary barrel thread right into this action? The sights are simmilar come those on a Marlin .22, are there any type of other/aftermarket iron sights I have the right to use top top this gun? many thanks for any help, Matt.

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the barrel threads room different. The bolt is different. They space pre serial number guns.340 is a similar gun as is the 840.try few of the brand-new pointy Hornaday leverlution ammo.Sights, friend will need to watch the auction sites for a peep sight. They screwed come the left next of the action if the is drilled and taped.http://cgi.ebay.com/Savage-Stevens-3...item3362ca55fc
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Thanks for the reply. Go anyone do a barrel that will work? My action has two screws at the an extremely rear the the action on the left side, room these threaded bosses because that a peep sight?
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Those 2 holes in the reciever rear are morethan most likely for a peep sight. Inspect the Lyman and also Williams websites, there just could be a peep obtainable that will fit. Plenty of old rifles were drilled and tapped for peep sights using the very same mounting hole distance. Measure the so you have it once you perform your search.El Lobo.
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Thanks for the reply. Does anyone make a barrel that will certainly work? My activity has two screws in ~ the very rear of the activity on the left side, are these threaded bosses because that a peep sight?
You deserve to have a barrel made. Factory they come in .222, .223 least common, .30-30 many common, .225win
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Thanks again because that the replies.I've post in the reloading section, any help withthat will be substantially appreciated together well.