The evil one went down to Georgia. He was lookin" because that a spirit to steal.He was in a tie "cause that was method behind and also he to be willing to make a dealWhen that came across this young man sawin" on a fiddle and playin" it hot.And the adversary jumped ~ above a hickory stump and also said, "Boy, allow me tell you what.""I guess girlfriend didn"t understand it, but I"m a fiddle player, too.And if you"d treatment to take a dare I"ll make a bet with you.Now you play a pretty great fiddle, boy, yet give the adversary his due.I"ll gambling a fiddle of gold against your soul "cause ns think I"m much better than you."The young said, "My name"s Johnny, and it can be a sin,But I"ll take your bet; you"re gonna remorse "cause I"m the best there"s ever been."Johnny, rosin up your bow and play her fiddle hard."Cause Hell"s broke loosened in Georgia and also the devil deals the cards.And if you success you acquire this shiny violin made that gold,But if you shed the adversary gets her soul.The adversary opened increase his case and he said, "I"ll begin this show."And fire flew from his fingertips as he rosined increase his bow.And he traction the bow across the strings and it made an angry hiss.And a tape of demons joined in and it sounded something choose this.When the devil finished, Johnny said, "Well, you"re pretty good, old son,But sit down in the chair best there, allow me show you exactly how it"s done.""Fire on the Mountain". Run, boys, run!The Devil"s in the residence of the rising sun;Chicken in the bread pan picking out dough.Granny, does your dog bite? No, child, no.The evil one bowed his head due to the fact that he knew that he"d to be beat.And that laid that golden fiddle on the ground at Johnny"s feet.Johnny said, "Devil, just come on back, if you ever wanna try again,I done told girlfriend once, you kid of a bitch, I"m the best that"s ever before been."And that played:"Fire on the Mountain". Run, boys, run!Devil"s in the residence of the rising sun;The chicken in the bread pan picking the end dough.Granny, will certainly your dog bite? No, child, no.

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Thanks come Deborah, sinead, Krystofer Hyche, Percy J Evans, Carol Jackson because that correcting this lyrics.
Writer(s): Charlie Daniels, wilhelm J. Digregorio, man Crain, Fred Edwards, Charles Fred Hayward, James W. Marshall
Charlie Daniels defined "The adversary Went under To Georgia" therefore in 2008, "It"s kind of ours signature song. I have actually other songs that are just as good. They simply didn"t capture the creative thinking of the American public as much. That"s a whole new generation of children that"s discovering it. It"s just kind the amazing, really."
The fiddle for both the Devil and Johnny was played by Charlie Daniels. He told, "The Devil"s simply blowing smoke. If you hear to that, there"s simply a bunch of noise. There"s no melody to it, there"s no nothing, it"s simply a bunch of noise. Just confusion and stuff. And also of course Johnny"s saying something, "You can"t to win the adversary without the Lord." ns didn"t have actually that in the song, yet I need to have."

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Steve Ouimette carry out a heavy metal version of this track for the video game "Guitar Hero III: Legends the Rock". The fiddle component was perform on electrical guitar.