I spent nearly two full days simply clicking my way through Steel Panther history. Ns wasn’t really trying to find anything to start with, but as I began finding stuff, one amazing fact lead to another and also it became an obsession…!

I mentioned to my girlfriend Mari that many human being have uncovered my blog by trying to find terms favor “Lexxi without wig” or “Steel panther no wigs” or “Does Satchel stay a wig?“.

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I can’t believe they haven’t already found all this stuff! her only an answer was: “Most people don’t have the patience because that that sort of thing. It’s the reporter in you the comes out“. Maybe.I truly acquire a absent from this stuff. Who room these guys?

It’s like Kiss back in the work – everybody want to know what castle looked like before 1983. The mystery would drive civilization crazy.Well, due to the fact that the stole Panther-guys room basically always in character throughout their interviews, friend won’t get anything the end of them. Therefore if you desire to know what lies behind the wigs, the spandex and the jokes, you’ve gained to discover out because that yourself.

I’ve visited some quite godforsaken, forgotten places on the net Graveyard today.MySpace confirmed to be an underrated museum of exciting stuff. There were old blog from 2004 that invited fans of The Thornbirds (also named The Ducks) to gigs for free or to five or ten bucks in ~ the door. Tiny did castle know, I’m sure, the tickets to their future band stole Panther would certainly go for 40 bucks a piece in the UK eight years later.


There were every these old home-made homepages that people used come create prior to there was any social media the end there – even before the job of MySpace or Facebook. It’s to be an exciting journey today! i still don’t have ALL the piece of the puzzle, numerous things i still don’t get. Favor whether or no there is an affinity in between the band’s manager Glen Parrish and Russ Parrish (aka Satchel).

They certain look a lot of alike if you compare photos – it’s the same jawline. Simply speculating – ns don’t know, however I’m certain there are human being out there who carry out know. I just haven’t stumbled ~ above anything however that would confirm it, so I’ll just save the for another rainy day. :-)

I started at Twitter, clicked ~ above an amazing name, which took me to a personal webpage, which took me to a personal Facebook-account – which take it me to….everywhere…!Next point I know, I’m looking in ~ family- and vacation photos and also old band-videos, photos, MySpace stories and blogs and old webpages and also cool stuff on YouTube!

So….. This is not even fifty percent of it, but who knows, possibly there will be a “Part two” in the future. For now, if you ever before wondered what stole Panther looks like “incognito” – right here you go!Still very cool men -wigs or no wigs!

STEEL PANTHER – UNMASKEDTravis Haley – Russ Parrish – Ralph Saenz and Darren Leader.Better recognized as… Lexxi -Satchel – Michael and Stix


This is what lock looked prefer then this entirety thing began….



And sounded like this (Love Rocket):






MIX that PIX – click your way through them every – live pix the Satchel’s and Stix’ former band The Thornbirds and also more. This an initial pic is that Travis and Russ (Lexxi and also Satchel):

See the complete gallery ~ above Posterous

There was plenty of details on Satchel’s musical past, in the kind of videos and also old interviews, however he is the only one ns haven’t discovered on any type of social media sites. So, if you’re digging for an individual stuff on him, an excellent luck – it’s not specifically under your sleep if you’re searching for it.Seems prefer he really prefers his privacy when he’s offstage, respect to that.But if you’re curious the his “old sins” music way – here’s part old shit for you to enjoy…! :-)

The atomic Punks (Van Halen-tribute tape that contained Michael Starr as “David Lee”) at the Velvet Jones, Santa Barbara, CA – October 22, 2005. Includes former guitarist Russ Parrish – tuning troubles with his Frankenstrat.

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THE electric FENCE – with PAUL GILBERT (around 1991)The electrical Fence – Paul Gilbert, Russ Parrish, Jeff Martin

Notice in ~ 0.49 whereby Lexxi’s future “hair flip” most likely originates from! ;)This additionally includes Billy Sheehanwalking out on phase with a birthday-PIE. :-) an excellent stuff, ns LOVE Paul Gilbert!!

THE electrical FENCE – with PAUL GILBERT and guest ROB HALFORDThe electric Fence – Paul Gilbert, Russ Parrish, Jeff Martin


And there’s the warm dude Russ in FIGHT – also pretty to right in really. :-)

And last yet not least…. just a few interesting links – i wish I had saved all of those I found today, however like I stated – probably in a component two. :)

Russ Parrish – Ratchet 2002 – metal Sludge