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Highly related to as among the ideal Star Wars games, The force Unleashed has actually cheat codes the unlock all weapons, costumes, and more secrets to assist you reminder the balance of galactic strength in her favor. Here's just how to usage them on Xbox 360.

These Star Wars: The pressure Unleashed cheats space for the Xbox 360 version. Over there are likewise cheats because that Star Wars: The pressure Unleashed ~ above PS3.


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Star Wars pressure Unleashed Cheat codes

Before you deserve to use cheat codes, you must finish the very first mission and also unlock the Rogue Shadow. When on her ship, pause the game and also go to the Extras menu, then pick Enter Code come input the wanted cheat. Friend can also enter cheats from the pause menu during missions.

Activating this cheats will stop you from conserving the game, so save your progress before using cheat codes.

Cheat CodeEffect
ADEGANMaximum Lightsaber Throw
KATARNAll pressure Powers at Maximum
EXARKUNMaximum force Push
DATHOMIRMaximum pressure Repel
LIGHTSABERAmplified Lightsaber Damage
HURRIKANEUnlock all Lightsaber Crystals (will remove all lightsaber Holocrons ~ above the existing saved game file)
OSSUSUnlock every Databank Entries
JOCASTAUnlock all Talents
MOLDYCROW Unlock every Combos
BRUTALSTABUnlock Lightsaber Impale
DARAGONUnlock Sith Saber Slash
EETHKOTHUnlock Aerial Assault
KITFISTOUnlock Saber Sling
LUMIYAUnlock Sith Saber Flurry
MASSASSIUnlock Lightning Bomb
PLOKOONUnlock Saber Slam
RAGNOSUnlock Lightning Grenade
SAZEN Unlock Sith Saber Throw
VENTRESSUnlock Aerial Ambush
YADDLEUnlock Aerial Blast
MINDTRICKUnlock mirrored Levels

how to continue With Cheats allowed

Activating some cheats will avoid you from saving the game, which means that you need to reenter them after girlfriend die, but there is a method around this limitation. If you enable cheats in a level that has actually automatic conserve points, let yourself dice after getting to the save allude and departure to the main menu. Choose Continue to go back to the video game with cheat activated.

If you dice after a save point, you'll save the pressure points you've built up so far, for this reason let you yourself die and also keep beating enemies to rack increase points.

Star Wars pressure Unleashed Costume and also Character password

When you use a password to unlock costumes or personalities normally discovered in a Holocron, you have the right to save your game to keep the costume; however, the Holocron will disappear, which way you'll shed out on force points.

Cheat CodeEffect
SOHNDANNUnlock every Costumes
VICEROYUnlock Bail Organa
MASTERMINDUnlock Emperor Palpatine
MARAJADEUnlock Mara Jade Skywalker
AAYLAUnlock Aayla Secura
SECURAUnlock Aayla Secura (green skin)
MAVERICKUnlock Qui-Gon Jinn
ITSATWAPUnlock Admiral Akbar
SCOUNDRELUnlock Lando Calrissian
MANDALOREUnlock general Rahm Kota
HARDBOILEDUnlock general Rahm Kota (drunken)
HOLOCRONUnlock Jedi Adventure Robe
DANTOOINEUnlock Jedi Ceremonial Robe
WOOKIEEUnlock grasp Kento Robe
FERRALUnlock reconnaissance Stormtrooper
BLACKHOLEUnlock shadow Stormtrooper
KORRIBANUnlock Sith Stalker Armor
TK421WHITEUnlock Stormtrooper
TK421BLUEUnlock Stormtrooper Commander
TK421GREENUnlock Kashyyyk Trooper
PHOENIXUnlock Incinerator Trooper
SNOWMANUnlock eye Trooper

Star Wars force Unleashed release

In addition to cheats, Force Unleashed likewise has a couple of unlockables.

UnlockableHow come Unlock
Sith mr DifficultyBeat the video game with any kind of ending.
Jedi Ceremonial RobeBeat the video game with the Jedi ending.

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Sith Stalker ArmorBeat the video game with the Sith ending.