Square source of 53 is a number which, as soon as multiplied by itself, results in the number 53. 53 is an odd number and a element number. Element numbers have actually been explained as the structure blocks that mathematics. Allow us determine the square root of 53 in this article. We will certainly learn how to calculate the square source of 53, discover out whether square root of 53 a reasonable or irrational, and look in ~ a couple of problems to assist us know this topic.

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Square root of 53: √53 = 7.280Square that 53: 53² = 2809
1.What Is the Square root of 53?
2.Is Square source of 53 reasonable or Irrational?
3.How to discover the Square source of 53?
4.Challenging Questions
5.FAQs on Square root of 53

What Is the Square root of 53?

The square source of a number n is created as √n. This number when squared or multiply by itself outcomes in the original number n. The square root of 39 can be composed as:

Radical form: √53 Decimal form: 7.280 Exponent form: (53)1/2

Is Square root of 53 Rational or Irrational?

Square source of 53 is simlipfied in decimal form as √53 = 7.280.

How to discover the Square source of 53?

There are 2 methods to uncover the square root of 53:

Long division MethodPrime Factorization

Long division Method

The square root of 53 by long division method consists of the complying with steps:

Step 1: Starting from the right, we will certainly pair increase the number 53 by placing a bar over 53. We additionally pair the 0s in decimals in bag of 2 from left to right.Step 3: Drag a pair that 0s down and fill it next to to do the dividend 400.Step 4: double the divisor 7, and also enter 14 below with a blank digit top top its right. Think the a number i m sorry is better than same to dividend, i.e., 400. 142 is the perfect number to division 400.Step 6: Repeat this procedure until the quotient starts repeating after specific digit.


Therefore, the square root of 53 = 7.280

Prime Factorization

Since all the prime components of 53 are unique none that these components are perfect squares, the square root of 53 cannot it is in simplified.Therefore, the Square root of √53 = 7.280

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Challenging Questions

What is the an adverse root the 5300?Find the square root of 5300 approximately 5 decimal places?What is the square root of:a) 530b) 153

Solved Examples

Example 1: plunder is multiplying a number by itself. If the product is 53, assist Rob in detect the number.


To find the number let united state assume number = yOn multiplying y times y = y × y = 53y² = 53y = √53y = 7.280(7.280 × 7.280 = 52.999 ≅ 53)The number is 7.280.

Example 2: The area the a square-shaped table is 2809 square units. Calculate the measure up of one side of the table.


The area of table = 2809 sq. UnitsTo find the side of the square-shaped table, let us take square root of 2809 by element factorization method.2809 = 1 × 53 × 53Square root of 2809 is 53.Therefore, next of square table is 53 units.

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Interactive Questions

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FAQs ~ above Square source of 53

What is the square source of 53 using element factorization?

Prime administrate of 53 = 1 × 53√53 = 7.280

Is 53 a perfect square root?

53 is no a perfect square. 53 is a natural number, but due to the fact that there is no other organic number that deserve to be squared to an outcome in the number 53, it is no a perfect square.

What is the decimal value of the square source of 53?

The decimal worth of the square source of 53 is √53 = 7.280.

Is the square root of 53 a reasonable number?

No, the square root of 53 is no a rational number due to the fact that the square root of 53 is non-terminating and also cannot be represented in the kind of p/q.

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Can we uncover the square source of 53 by the repetitive subtraction method?

No, we can’t discover the square root of 53 by repetitive subtraction technique as it can be used only for perfect squares. 53 is not a perfect square.