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Celebrate the magic of gift able to hug, touch, and also hold hands v loved ones, friends, and also others with pop, rock, country, and R&B songs around touching and also hugging.

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Touch Is medicine for the Soul

One thing the pandemic taught us is how much we need one another's touch. World once greeted one another with one outstretched hand, soon sizing up a stranger's handshake based top top the firmness of your grip. Without thinking, us hugged friends, loved ones, and also sometimes even acquaintances hello and also goodbye and used a gentle squeeze to convey congratulations and condolences. Teammates traded fist bumps, pats on the backs, and also encouraging high fives.

But then the pandemic threw a cold wet ceiling on every one of that heat touchy-feely bonding. Fear of deathly contagion compelled us to earlier away indigenous one an additional as COVID-19 left one indelible mark on the way we socially interact. Together a result, a most us were left starved because that touch. Touch scarcity (or "affection deprivation," "hug deprivation" or "skin hunger") is the expanded longing because that touch or physical call from others. That is linked with feel of loneliness, stress, difficulty sleeping, low connection satisfaction, depression, and also anxiety.

We might never go back to being as touchy-feely as we were pre-pandemic, yet I'm relieved that I have the right to at the very least hug mine parents and also extended family. Touch is an excellent for the soul and the body. A reassuring touch calms the concerned system, rises dopamine level (the pleasure neurotransmitter) and also serotonin levels (the happiness neurotransmitter), reduces stress hormones, boosts healing, reduce pain, and lowers both heart rate and also blood pressure.

Make a playlist that pop, rock, country, and also R&B songs around touching, hugging, and also holding hands then hug who you love today. It's an excellent medicine because that you both.

1. "Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’" through Journey

Maybe it's those tight pants, that knows, but no one have the right to belt out classic emotional absent songs like Steve Perry. In the video, i was a tiny surprised by how much the trip frontman networks his inside girly side through his long, flowing 1970s hair and also that front-tied blouse. Hey, no judgment.

"Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin" was the band's first Top 40 fight on the Billboard warm 100. The lovelorn guy in this 1979 rock song exclaims come the woman who has left the for another man, "You do me weep and also wanna die" and later confides, "You're tearin' me apart."

The poor fella can't acquire the visuals that them getting busy the end of his mind. The sees his sweetheart physically associated with her brand-new partner lovin', touchin', and also squeezin', and also it's psychological torture because that him. The just comfort available is the realization that she will quickly be in the same brokenhearted boat that the is now.

2. "Holy" by Justin Bieber (featuring chance the Rapper)

Some would certainly say the 24 year old is awfully young to resolve down, particularly for a popular music star. After ~ a 10-year on-again/off-again romance v singer Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber surprised fans once he unexpectedly tied the knot in 2018 with model/actress Hailey Baldwin in a courthouse wedding. They had been engaged for just two months.

In this 2021 religiously laced song, the Grammy Award-winning artist explains excitedly "runnin' to the altar choose a monitor star" after ~ having found the love the his life whose touch is pure and also cleansing. She holds him in the night in a method that is forgiving, real, and also holy. This is what forever feeling like.

An evangelical Christian, Bieber easily admits in the tune to gift a sinner. Together a teenager, the star challenged legal problems and also other controversies, including cases of vandalism because that throwing eggs at a neighbor's house, an illegal street gyeongju in a rented Lamborghini, and also roughing up a paparazzi.

3. "Human Touch" by Bruce Springfield

In the musical chairs video game of romantic pairing, if girlfriend can't uncover a companion to love, probably you deserve to at least find one to canoodle with. The lonely guy in this 1992 absent ditty provides a low-key proposition for tactile connection. He needs conversation and also physical comfort, for this reason he make the efforts to persuade his intended companion that although she's suffering from heartache, she isn't alone. C'mon, let's it is in of mutual assistance.

4. "Love Me favor You Do" by Ellie Goulding

Sultry is the name of the game in this 2015 electropop power ballad directly from the Fifty Shades the Grey soundtrack. Initial touches have left the song narrator yearning for an ext from she lover. She's having actually the sexy shivers together she waits for him come touch she again. (Why wait? Ask for what friend want, girl.) she head is spinning, she's not thinking straight, and also he has her stuttering.

5. "I Touch Myself" by Divinyls

Men aren't the just do-it-yourselfers. Smitten by a male who doesn't seem come return she attraction, the woman narrator in this 1990 pop-rock song decides to take it matters into her own hands. As she goes around the business of paddling the pink canoe, tickling the lily, diddling miss Daisy (or every little thing you contact it), the DIY damsel fantasizes around her unrequited lover. She "oohs" and "ahs" with excitement.

With such a fun and also oh-oh-oh for this reason memorable song prefer this, it's too bad that the Australian group the Divinyls was simply a one-hit-wonder in the US.

6. "Love Somebody" by Maroon 5

The sure-footed man in this 2013 dance-pop solitary is looking for love on the run floor and believes he might have discovered who he was looking for. That zeroes in. The narrator's extreme longing boundaries on desperation in the way he cries out, "I really wanna touch somebody" and "I really wanna love somebody." Desiring to pair turn off the rest of the night with one details woman, he provides his intended companion an emotional appeal that makes it clear that this is much more about lust 보다 mere dancing and more about to solve his own requirements than hers.

7. "Love Touch" by pole Stewart

The guy in this 1986 pop song is act a negative job that apologizing because that his romantic transgressions that ruined his lady's trust. (I'm guessing that cheated.) Claiming the it doesn't matter who is appropriate or dorn (yeah, right, just if you're the one who's wrong), the clod insults her with this amazing un-apology:

Cause I want to be an excellent for youI didn't typical to be badBut darlin' I'm quiet the bestThat you ever hadJust give me a chanceTo allow me present you exactly how muchI desire to offer you my love touchLove touch.

Although the single hit the top 10 ~ above the us Billboard warm 100 charts, stick Stewart dubbed it "one that the silliest songs I've ever before recorded."

8. "Hold mine Hand" by Jess Glynne

The mrs in this danceable pop hit native 2015 serious searches for support from her significant other as she deals with down she anxiety. She find herself in a challenging situation and also needs someone stronger to lean on. As such, the concerned Nellie asks him to organize her hand, aid her acquire a grip, and also stop her from falling.

9. "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" by Mel Carter

Oh, the exhilaration of an initial love! The narrator in Mel Carter's 1965 signature tune is dealing with his very first romantic relationship, and also he's spreading aside sage advice to take it it slow. The young lad throws caution to the wind, beseeching his sweetheart to organize him, thrill him, kiss him, and never let him go together he uses proclamations to she of eternal love and devotion.

10."Sometimes once We Touch" by Dan Hill

Love has a lot of to execute with timing, and also you can't always get the right. This 1977 soft rock song is an emotionally raw love ballad that will resonate with you if you've ever been connected in a lopsided romance. Singer-songwriter Dan Hill wrote this hit about a woman he adored who remained in love with one more man. The song describes holding her and also connecting with her soul on a human level, painfully learning that he'll never ever truly have actually her heart.

11. "Hold mine Hand" through Hootie & The Blowfish

Long before Darrius Rucker came to be a nation music star, he to be Hootie, frontman that rock tape Hootie & The Blowfish. This optimistic 1994 ballad was their debut single. In it, the track narrator extend a hand because that his girlfriend to grasp in a powerful demonstration of unity and an individual strength. With touch, the male offers both forgiveness and acceptance. Probably they cannot adjust the world, yet together they can change their tiny piece that it.

12. "Like You'll never See Me Again" by Alicia Keys

We never recognize when ours number is walking to it is in up and we'll be called away permanently. Anything could happen. (A woman where I worked, because that example, was actually hit and also killed by the proverbial beer truck!)

This breathy 2007 R&B crossover hit features Alicia tricks imploring her companion to appreciate each minute they have actually together. That means touching her like it will be the critical time, kissing her favor he'll never ever get an additional chance, and also holding her as if they'll never ever see each other again. While that seems a small emotionally exhausting and over-the-top come me, ns think her general point was to make sure you show the civilization in her life exactly how much friend love them.

13. "Touch Me once We're Dancing" by Alabama

The touchy-feely narrator in this 1986 country chart-topper is emotion frisky and also is gearing up to make some major moves on his honey. Preparing to take this partnership to the next step, he wants to sluggish dance v his lady friend, to whisper in her ear, kiss her, and also most the all feel her touch. He implores her:

Come on, touch me when we're dancingYou recognize you've obtained that lovin' touchOh, touch me once we're dancingI want to feeling you as soon as I'm fallin' in love.

The song was a cover of The Carpenters' 1981 popular music hit which was their last Billboard optimal 40 warm 100 song.

14. "Into You" through Ariana Grande

A small less conversation, andA little an ext touch my body'Cause I'm so into you.

Take a chill pill, sister. The girl in this 2016 pop song is around to overheat, together she is mesmerized by a love interest. Their noticeable attraction is illustration everyone's attention, return she wants to save it a secret. There's a surefire hookup ~ above the horizon if they can throw part water top top this thing long sufficient to take it their company elsewhere.

15. "Take a Hand, Touch a Friend" by The clip Singers

This 1973 soul/pop crossover ditty has actually a an effective and timeless message. It encourages the listener come reach the end in friendship and touch another's hand so the one may unite to make the world a far better place. ~ all, when one touches a hand in friendship, that or she also touches a heart. How will friend reach out to others and touch them to do a difference?

16. "Shiny Happy People" through R.E.M.

If girlfriend think this 1991 rock solitary is uncharacteristically bubbly because that R.E.M., you'd it is in right. It's a widely misunderstood song. The song's hook is obtained from Chinese government propaganda posters in the consequences of the Tienanmen Square uprising wherein numerous student protesters died. Intended together a protest song, "Shiny Happy People" to be misperceived by listeners together a light-hearted, happy tune. The irony that the line, "shiny happy human being holding hands" went best over people's heads.

"Shiny Happy People" has appeared on Forbes' 2021 "Worst lyrics Of all Time" list and also AOL's 2006 list of "111 Wussiest song of every Time." In addition, even lead singer and co-writer Michael Stipe has referred to it as among the dumbest songs ever before written, despite its worldwide success.

17. "Hold every Other" through A an excellent Big world (featuring Futuristic)

It wasn't the long earlier that even artists who were out as LGBTQ would avoid singing around same-sex love. They would rather prefer to sidestep pronoun that stated their lover's gender. (Or alternatively, they would certainly relent and sing around loving the contrary sex).

With a straightforward yet powerful change the pronoun, A good Big people subtly delivers emotionally authenticity in this 2015 pop song. The Grammy Award-winning duo is comprised of both gay and also straight singers. In the song, each explains that holding your lover brings them warmth and peace. The duo's all at once message in this song is that love is love.

18. "Reach Out and also Touch (Somebody's Hand)" through Diana Ross

As if lifted straight from a greeting card, this 1970 soul solitary urges every of us to do the civilization a better place by reaching out and touching one more person's hand. We deserve to lighten one another's load by sharing our problems and offering native of kindness and encouragement. It all starts with the power of touch. Won't you with out?

19. "Not her Barbie Doll" through Ava Max

Albanian-American singer-songwriter Ava Max renders it clear in this 2018 female empowerment anthem that touching her needs consent. (And nope, girlfriend don't have it.) This girl v healthy borders is self-assured, possesses genuine thoughts and also feelings, and is identified to her chart her own path:

Not her Barbie girl, I'm livin' in my own worldI ain't plastic, call me classicYou can't touch me there, girlfriend can't touch my bodyUnless ns say so, ain't your Barbie, no.

20. "Stay with Me" through Sam Smith

Oh, dear, this dude is an emotional hot mess. The 2014 pop track is around a male who is unlucky in love, relying as well eagerly top top a string of one-night stands. He finds self again in bed the morning after a one-night stand emotion dejected, discovering this sex-related tryst isn't going come turn right into a relationship. In desperation, the asks his temporary companion to stay a tiny longer. How an extremely sad and also awkward!


"There is much more power in a an excellent strong hug 보다 in a thousand meaningful words." - Ann Hood, American novelist

pixbay, free Domain, amendment by FlourishAnyway

Got a tune suggestion because that this touching and hugging playlist? do a ide in the Comments section below.

SongArtist(s)Year Released

21. I want to host Your Hand



22. Hold Her

For King & Country


23. Touch Me (I want Your Body)

Samantha Fox


24. Faith

George Michael


25. Human Touch

Rick Springfield


26. Host Me Now

Thompson Twins


27. Organize Me While you Wait

Lewis Capaldi


28. Carry out You Wanna Touch Me

Joan Jett


30. Back in My arms Again

The Supremes


31. Touch

Little Mix


32. Touch mine Body

Mariah Carey


33. You've got the Touch



34. Touch

Little Mix


35. Take My Hand

Charli XCX


36. Touch Me

The Doors


37. Touch

Daft Punk (featuring Paul Williams)


38. Host Me Touch Me Love Me

Ginette Claudette


39. Invisible Touch



40. Touch Me (All Night Long)

Cathy Dennis


41. Into Your Arms

Witt Lowry (featuring Ava Max)


42. Touch Me in the Morning

Diana Ross


43. Everytime us Touch



44. Physical

Olivia Newton-John


45. Touch It



46. Just how to Touch a Girl



47. Hold Me

Fleetwood Mac


48. Hand to organize On To

John Cougar


49. Touch too Much



50. Touch the Hand

Conway Twitty


51. B.O.B.

Macy Gray


52. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Rod Stewart


53 Dusk it rotates Dawn

Zayn (featuring Sia)


54. Host Me

Savage Garden


55. As soon as You Touch Me



56. Touch of my Hand

Britney Spears


57. If I stated You had a Beautiful human body (Would You hold It against Me)

The Bellamy Brothers


58. Eight job a Week

The Beatles


59. Never Gonna Let girlfriend Go

Sérgio Mendes


60. Organize It versus Me

Britney Spears


61. Holding Her and Loving You

Earl thomas Conley


62. Touch Me



63. Unchained Melody

The Righteous Brothers


64. The Magic Touch

The Platters


Heidi - I had to play the one come jog mine memory but recall that now. Thanks for the addition! happy you room back!

Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on might 23, 2021:

Catching up. So ns guess I could say I'm getting earlier in touch? ;)

Of course, I thought of the trip track ideal away.

My include is a real oldie: The Magic Touch by The Platters. One of my fave melody from the beforehand rock era.

Have a an excellent week!

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on might 17, 2021:

Devika - I'm gratified that you enjoyed this playlist. Have actually a an excellent week.

Devika Primić indigenous Dubrovnik, Croatia on may 17, 2021:

I love listening come music and did not give a thought around such songs. You enlightened me and I am so happy to have discovered out about more of this songs.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on might 15, 2021:

Ravi - I’m happy this was brand-new and interesting for you. Thank you for avoiding by.

Ravi Rajan indigenous Mumbai on may 15, 2021:

I learned something brand-new here. Except "Holy" and "Human touch" the other songs room quite brand-new to me and also I to be going to invest some time in the weekend listening come them. Thanks for sharing this impressive collection Flourish.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on might 14, 2021:

Jo - It's a beautiful song, isn't it? many thanks for protecting against by. I hope you and your family members are doing well. Have actually a wonderful weekend!

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on might 14, 2021:

Chitrangada - I'll it is in glad when this is behind us and we deserve to express affection interpersonally without threat of COVID-19 transmission. Take care of yourself and those you love.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on might 14, 2021:

Brenda - say thanks to you because that your kind comment. I grow frustrated in ~ losing posts in the feeding too. Have a wonderful weekend!

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on may 14, 2021:

Bill - I'm not keen on returning to the restaurants, etc. Till vaccination prices improve, but I sure love hugging my family, even the prickly ones. They're the ones who require it the most, i think.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on may 14, 2021:

Linda - I'm happy the you enjoyed this. Ns was came to that it had actually too plenty of oldies considering my audience demographics. Ns really loved several of the songs and have been to sing them to Mr. Flourish.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on might 14, 2021:

Bill - in ~ one suggest during the worst component of the pandemic, my mother was therefore desperate for a hug that we had her put a sheet over she head and also entire body and then with masks on we took transforms hugged her through the paper so we would certainly not breath on her. It to be odd, however nobody to be vaccinated yet and she was desperate because that a hug and so were we.

Jo Miller indigenous Tennessee on might 14, 2021:

What a fashionable article. Simply when we room being called we deserve to stop put on masks and also loosen up through social distancing. And also that song, "Sometimes once We Touch" can still send me reeling.

Chitrangada Sharan from new Delhi, India on may 14, 2021:

Great choice of songs about touching and also hugging. I delighted in going with your fine compiled list. And, I just wish those personal touches are back soon, short article this pandemic. It’s so crucial to refer love and affection, and that can’t be done without personal touch and hugs.

Thank you for sharing another wonderful article.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court house on may 14, 2021:

I read this climate it disappeared in the feed.

I discovered it ultimately again.

Those work of touching...i don't think us realized just how much we do. Simply a basic touch or hand shake once we greet people.

We've all caught ourselves beginning to reach the end & then remembering the virus abd stopping.

You have compiled a great list that songs.

I can't psychic the surname of every one of tgem and also I'm not gonna risk losing it in the feed again.

But the Beatles, stick Stewart, etc.

I loved that first one and how girlfriend write an individual comments on every one.

Great job.

Bill De Giulio indigenous Massachusetts on may 14, 2021:

Great list, Flourish. And really timely together we start to go back to some feeling of normalcy. Ns think the one thing people miss the most from this pandemic is the capacity to hug a family member or friend. The trips to restaurants, shopping, travel, etc we deserve to do without, but that human contact is so needed.

Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on may 14, 2021:

Flourish, I'm a hugger and this pandemic has actually been really rough. What a an excellent list, with sufficient oldies, I'll be humming many of the day

Bill Holland indigenous Olympia, WA on may 14, 2021:

Hooray! I ultimately got the #1 tune on the list!!!! lol

You "touched" upon a an essential point around the pandemic. That's what I miss most this past year, hugging people and shaking hands. Such a small thing yet oh so essential for we human beings.

Back to common soon? I sure hope so!

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on might 14, 2021:

Constant - give thanks to you because that reading. Ns am happy you visited.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on might 14, 2021:

Dora - say thanks to you for avoiding by and also for the kind and encouraging words. Have actually a exorbitant weekend.

CONSTANT JUMA WANJALA native MOMBASA on might 14, 2021:

I love music and this article is actually targeted to me and also other music fans. Awesome

Flourish, over there are countless interesting stories neighboring these songs. They aid us know why we miss out on the touches and the hugs. An excellent theme, great songs, an excellent singers. Thanks!

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on might 14, 2021:

Pamela - give thanks to you. I'm happy you enjoyed them. Have a exorbitant weekend and hug her family and those you feeling safe touching.

Pamela Oglesby from clear Florida on might 14, 2021:

I certain wish we might get earlier to what we think about normal, hugging and shaking hands. This is a wonderful group of songs. As usual, there were a couple of that were new to me, however I enjoyed this team of an excellent songs.

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on might 14, 2021:

Devika - friend are an extremely kind. I evaluate your readership. Have actually a exorbitant weekend.

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on may 14, 2021:

Umesh - say thanks to you because that the encouragement and kind words. Have actually a exorbitant weekend and stay safe.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on might 14, 2021:

Peggy - I've gained both the those Journey and Hootie and also the Blowfish song on loop in mine mind! I'm no sure when this will ever before return come pre-pandemic normal if in ~ all. I'm a typically huggy person, but the pandemic has taught me exactly how germy world are with their droplets and dirty hands etc. I might modify my own behavior permanently of shaking hands i don't know.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on may 14, 2021:

Linda - Hopefully together we proceed to cure from the pandemic us can begin to touch ours friends and also loved ones without fear of contagion. Many thanks for commenting and have a an excellent weekend!

Devika Primić native Dubrovnik, Croatia on might 14, 2021:

Touching and also hugging songs just so amazing! your list that songs space perfect for any kind of day.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt native Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on may 13, 2021:

Exhaustive and beautiful compilation. Useful and also one can use them for humming alone or even sing in a short voice when working. Great work.

Anyway, keep writing and flourish!

Peggy Woods indigenous Houston, Texas on may 13, 2021:

I hope someday, post-pandemic, we have the right to get back to touching and also hugging together was normal in the past. The is important. Plenty of of the songs you featured are excellent ones. Right now, I have actually the Beatles song resonating in my head.

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Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on might 13, 2021:

You’ve liked a good theme because that this article. Touch have the right to be wonderful medicine for the soul, together you say. Many thanks for the reminder and also for sharing the music, Flourish.