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Smith & WessonModel 3913

scale To: NoneAverage male HandAverage mrs Hand1911 federal government .45ACPGlock design 17 9mmGlock model 19 9mmBeretta M9/92 9mmColt 4-in Python .357 MagColt 2-in Cobra .38 SplS&W Bodyguard .38 SplS&W 2-in mod 60 .357 Mag1-inch network
Gun Dimensions Width:No Data
Length:6.8-in Height:5-in
Barrel:3.5-in Weight:25-oz
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Gun Specifications
Produced:1990 - 1999
Caliber:9 mm
Action:recoil operated semi-automatic
Trigger:double-action (DA/SA)
Safety:slide mounted manual safety
Frame:aluminum alloy
Grip:wraparound textured polymer
Sights:white period front, Novak 2-dot rear
Notes:stainless steel slide and also barrel

Smith & WessonMore Info

around the total

The 3900 series consists of a selection of 9mm Luger "Third Generation" pistols derived from the design 39 and also 439, the so-called "First Generation" and also "Second Generation" patterns. They every have solitary column magazines. These space double-action semi-autos utilizing the well-tried Browning locking mechanism and also a Walther-style decocking safety lever on the rear left next of the slide.


more Info
Ballistics because that This Gun
Selected cartridge Mass:124 grains
MV:1115 ft/sec ME:342 ft-lbs
around the Cartridge

This cartridge to be introduced along with the Luger semi-automatic pistol. The pistol and cartridge was first adopted by the German marine in 1904 and also then through the German army in 1908. This cartridge has because been embraced by the armed forces of virtually every non-Communist power. The has become the most popular and also widely-used handgun cartridge in the world. Performance wise, the 9 mm cartridge has actually somewhat much more power than the .38 Special however falls well short of the .357 Magnum.

good gun
by eltoqui on 18 Nov 2020 for defense that is a an excellent weapon.simple use, safe to use.

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