Riftweald Manor

» Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:49 am

I"ve tried on my Nord character to shoot the drawbridge down with an Arrow and it didn"t do anything.Is the only way you can get into the Manor via the Thieves Guild? Or is there any other way of getting in? I say this because I want Chillrend inside.

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» Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:42 am

it is possible to get onto the roof of the building beside it and jump across to the roof of riftweald manor and scale your way to the top of the roof and jump down to the balcony.i did this with one of my warrior characters that wanted Chilrend. it took a few tries to get the jump right, but it"s quite doable.
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LMAO, I just did it. Mind you it takes some true jumping skill and great timing, but I did it. Used that nearby barrel to jump on top of and then got around the edge of the Temple of Mara roof. Slid down onto the gate that requires a key then proceeded to jump like a madman to the Manor"s Rooftop. Eventually got to the top and dropped down..This is all with my Dark Elf mind you. BUT I am definately doing this with my Sword+Board Nord. He wants Chillrend.. gonna be something else trying to get him the Nightingale Blade though...
Wait, before the quest? damn i gotta try this.Took me six arrows to get the drawbridge. But when i finally did i made him pay for having such a intricate security system.
Quick question.. just thought up..If I do this BEFORE that part in the Thieves Guild.. will it F up? I"m not willing to grab it right now if that"s the case.. I"ll just wait.
If you grab JUST chillrend, you should be good. As far as I know the sword isn"t related to the TG quests besides location.
If you grab JUST chillrend, you should be good. As far as I know the sword isn"t related to the TG quests besides location.
Yeah I saw Mercer"s Orders and the other stuff that requires you to grab for the Questline. I"ve decided my Dark Elf is just going to wait on it.. for now.My Nord however, whom is LV50 is about to go grab it. This sword fits him perfectly, PLUS Chillrend is leveled. IE. If you get it past LV46+ it"s even stronger then a DAEDRIC Sword. Check the UESP if you don"t believe me lol..

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you need to be told you can access the door my shooting the draw bridge before it will work. Glad you found an alternative.
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