From her period to she height and also Disney career, here's everything you should know around Skai Jackson.

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2. How old is Skai Jackson?

Skai Jackson is 19 years old. She to be born ~ above April 8th, in 2002. She started her career together a model when she was simply a son for companies like Coca-Cola and Old Navy.



4. Who does Skai Jackson play on Jessie?

Skai Jackson played Zuri Ross, Jessie's friend, in Disney Channel's TV show Jessie and its spinoff Bunk'd.


5. What is Skai Jackson's net worth?

Not much is known around Skai's net worth yet reports indicate that it is around $500,000.

6. Walk Skai Jackson have any kind of siblings?

Skai Jackson has actually two siblings, a brother and a sister, who names aren't known.

7. Who is Skai Jackson's mom? – Kiya Cole

Skai Jackson's mommy is Kiya Cole. Kiya hails from brand-new York and is Skai's part-time manager. She also has virtually 200,000 Instagram followers.

8. Who room Skai Jackson's parents?

Skai Jackson's parental are dubbed Jacob and also Kiya. They're divorced, so Skai reportedly lives with her mother Kiya. Kiya, who component time manages Skai, can often be seen on Skai's Instagram and at red carpets occasions with she daughter.

9. Who is Skai Jackson's boyfriend?

As that April 2021, Skai Jackson shows up to be single. She's constantly incredibly private about her date life so she would be date someone in secret. <

10. Go Skai Jackson date Juelz Smith?

There have actually been rumours the Skai Jackson dated Juelz smith – Beyoncé's nephew – after a photo of lock together began circulating social media in January. In the image, Skai can be seen sitting on Julez’s shoulders. Neither publicly shown if they're anything yet friends, however, a leaked text conversation allegedly between Juelz and also his friends display him saying they had a sex-related relationship. <

11. Is Skai Jackson date NLE Choppa?

There have been rumours that Skai Jackson is date rapper NLE Choppa. The rumours started in January 2021, after a pan asked Skai on Twitter: "
skaijackson if you ever see this I want to ask if you solitary because I dropped in love v you this was tough to say." She replied: "LMAOO, correct I'm solitary for rn." NLE Choppa then cryptically comment to Skai's tweet: "Umhm." lock have because left flirty comments to each various other on society media. <

12. No, Skai Jackson is not dead...

Back in 2019, who on Twitter began the noble rumour the Skai had been murdered, beginning a hashtag and prompting Skai come clap earlier with: "Go obtain a job, walk to school, execute something various other than sit behind her computer and start a hashtag saying ns dead. You look nutssss" for this reason no, Skai is luckily really much lively – and also thriving!

13. Skai Jackson completed on Dancing with The Stars in 2020.

In September 2020, Skai join the actors of ABC’s Dancing through The Stars. Her professional partner was Alan Bersten. In main One, she topped the leaderboard alongside Justina Machado with 21 points, cementing herself together a solid contender for that mirrorball trophy. Skai eventually made the semi-finals but was removed in the 10th week.

14. What various other movies has Skai Jackson to be in?

Skai has showed up in a handful of movies. Her first was Liberty Kid, aged just 3. She has additionally appeared in Rescue Me, The Rebound, Arthur, The Smurfs, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and My Dad's a football Mom.

15. What other TV shows has Skai Jackson to be in?

Skai Jackson is finest known because that her duty as Zuri Ross in Disney Channel's Jessie and also Bunk'd. She has additionally appeared in a variety of other shows, consisting of Dora the Explorer, Boardwalk Empire, Austin & allied (as Zuri), and Marvel comic shows choose the Marvel Rising collection and can be fried Spider-Man.

16. Is Skai Jackson related to Lil Nas X?

No, Skai Jackson and also Lil Nas X space not related. However, Skai featured in the rapper's 'Panini' music video. The two shared a picture together top top Instagram throughout the filming.

17. Is Skai Jackson related to Janet and Michael Jackson?

Skai is has no connection and also is not regarded the Jackson family, back some people are frequently mistaken and also think the she is Janet Jackson’s daughter.

18. Why room Skai Jackson and Bhad Bhabie saying on Instagram?

In February 2020, Bhad Bhabie went off on Skai Jackson on Instagram Live. She accused Skai of being "obsessed" v her, being thirsty for men she had dated and also making a fake finsta web page to abuse her from. Both Skai's mom and also Bhad Bhabie's mum, Barbara Bregoli, quickly got associated too. Skai didn't respond to the allegations directly, yet she did write-up an unbothered tweet. <

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