Country singer/comedian Jim Stafford had actually an unlikely height 10 hit v \"Wildwood Weed\" in 1974. (It peaked at No. 7.)

Surprisingly, Rolling stone failed to incorporate it in their updated list of Country\"s highest possible Drug Odes.

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Written through Don Bowman, \"Wildwood Weed\" is based upon \"Wildwood Flower,\" a track performed by the Carter household in 1928. That dates ago to 1860.

Bowman\"s track by Stafford alludes to the weed\"s distinct powers:

Reached under for a weed to chew onThings gained fuzzy and also things gained blurryAnd then every little thing was goneDidn\"t recognize what happenedBut ns knew it beat the hell the end of sniffin\" burlap

The track continues:

The an extremely next day we picked a bunch of them weedsAnd placed \"em in the sun to dryThen us mashed \"em up and also chopped \"em upAnd put \"em in the corncob pipeSmokin\" that wildwood flower obtained to it is in a habitWe didn\"t check out no harmWe assumed it was type of handyTake a trip and never leaving the farm

Jim Stafford on the covering of his \"Greatest Hits\" album in 1995, posing v a joint or cigarette in between his toes.

And concludes on a comical note:

One work this feller indigenous Washington came byAnd that spied it and turned white as a sheetThen they dug and also they burnedAnd castle burned and also they dugAnd they eliminated all our cute little weeds.Then castle drove away,We just smiled and also wavedSittin\" over there on that sack the seeds!

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Country\"s 15 biggest Drug Odes

\"Cocaine Blues\" - Johnny Cash

\"Follow your Arrow\" - Kasey Musgraves

\"Get High\" - Brandy Clark

\"High expense of Living\" - Jamey Johnson

\"I Can gain Off ~ above You\" - Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson

\"I\"m getting Stoned\" - Eric Church

\"Long Haired country Boy\" - Charlie Daniels Band

\"Methamaphetamine\" - Old Crow medicine Show

\"One Toke end the Line\" - Brewer & Shipley

\"Roll Me Up and Smoke Me once I Die\" - Willie Nelson

\"Sam Stone\" - John Prine

\"Seeds and also Stems (Again)\" - commander Cody & His shed Planet Airmen

\"Toes\" - Zac Brown Band

\"Weed rather of Roses\" - Ashley Monroe

\"Weed through Willie\" - Toby Keith


One more Omission

\"Shanty\" showed up on Jonathan Edwards\" debut album in 1971.

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\"We\"re gonna lay around the shanty, mama,\" that sings. \"And placed a great buzz on.\"