Sylvester Stallone"s wife Jennifer Flavin banned him from movie sex after ~ his intimate one-on-one through Sharon rock in 1994 movie The Specialist.

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Sylvester Stallone"s mam Jennifer Flavin banned the from movie sex ~ his intimate one-on-one with Sharon rock in 1994 movie The Specialist.

Flavin, 38 - the mother of the Rambo star"s 3 young daughters - doesn"t believe saucy scenes deserve to be done without emotion, therefore asked her specialized husband come stop.

And the actor insists he doesn"t mind, because he hated castle anyway.

He says: "Jennifer does not think you have the right to just it is in acting and also thinks there need to be some kind of romantic attachment. Ns hated act it and also Jennifer was upset so i knew that would be the last time for me."

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