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The beat is collection in the mid-1900s in a small apartment in a Chicago tenement. In her author"s notes at the beginning of the script, Lorraine Hansberry describes the Youngers" house in detail. A residence to Mama, Beneatha, Walter, Ruth, and their son Travis , the living...

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The pat is collection in the mid-1900s in a little apartment in a Chicago tenement. In she author"s notes at the start of the script, Lorraine Hansberry defines the Youngers" residence in detail. A house to Mama, Beneatha, Walter, Ruth, and also their kid Travis, the life quarters are cramped. Mama and Beneatha re-superstructure the only bedroom, Walter and Ruth"s "bedroom" is a convert breakfast room, and also Travis sleeps in the life room. There is no different kitchen, only a kitchen area ; meals are eaten in the life room. Also, the family shares a toilet in the hall v other citizens in the building. The only light in the apartment comes through one little window in the kitchen area.

Hansberry additionally describes the apartment"s furnishings in detail. The couch is worn, covered with doilies and also covers the are also worn. The carpet is worn, too; miscellaneous pieces the furniture have actually been inserted to cover increase the worn spots. She sums up the furnishings of the Youngers" home:

have plainly had come accommodate the life of also many world for too many years--and they space tired.

Hansberry likewise establishes the feel of the apartment:

Everything has been polished, washed, satellite on, used, scrubbed as well often.

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The setup adds important aspects to the story. It creates that the Younger family members lives together out the necessity; they room poor. However, over there is pride here, also. The worn furniture had actually once been new, carefully selected by Mama Younger and also her husband, now deceased, and it has actually been cared for also as it has worn out. The apartment is clean, "polished" and "scrubbed." The Youngers are bad people, but their stamin of character and the nature that their household is reflect in the setting of the play.