2008 FORD EXPLORER, 4.0L, V6, 2WD, AUTOMATIC, 101, 000 miles

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about a week back I started obtaining this warning, that goes off about every 5 minutes once driving. i tried trial and error the 2 from ABS sensors through a voltmeter, however I couldn"t obtain a reading out that either, meter was set to 2V a/c. vehicle drivers sensor has actually only about 10,000 miles on it. I have not tested the rear sensors. Could it maybe be the ABS module? PS, examine engine light was cleared, it was a different issue.


Update, I included "wheel speed rate/mph" to my OBDII reader/display, I"m seeing regular speed ~ above all four wheels. Therefore the ABS sensors have to be working?
Hi, I"m not acquainted with the scan device you have. I"m not certain if what that is capable of doing. Sorry about that. you re welcome let me know how things revolve out or if you have actually other questions. take it care, Joe
mine wifes 2009 explorer has been getting the exact same code, that is becoming much more frequent. I have the Auto Enginuity scan tool through the total Ford Bundle, the just RSC/ABS password is B1342. I collection up the live data meter screen to screen wheel speeds, accel, yaw and steering angle. To be driving and also lost comms to laptop. Stopped, reset everything, and noticed the steering angle was like 211 levels when pointed directly ( it had been at basically zero prior to coms dropped, immediately upon getting to speed, the RSC alarm walk off. ns stopped, cleared the code, restarted everything and also the angle was usually zero again. Drove until I shed comms again, and also no problem. Quit with the wheel straight, again restarted everything, and it was reflecting -12. Again, opon accel B1342. Quit with comms tho working, and also showing steering angle at -12, reset everything, cleared code, restarted, hadn"t touched the wheel, and it come up as basically zero, drove all method home through out alarm. Might it be the sensor? Or just the ECU not analysis data right?

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Hi, Keith, i m really sorry to questioning this, however is it feasible for you to copy and paste your whole thread come a brand-new posting. We space trying to keep the posts particular to one topic. I"m certain someone will certainly jump right on your question. Again, sorry for asking, yet I hope you understand. take it care, Joe