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MortgagesFind her lowest rateLearn more about Mortgages


Credit CardsAs Low together 1.99% APR 3Learn much more about credit Cards


Auto LoansAs Low as 1.99% APR 3Learn an ext about Auto Loans


Retirement &Investment ServicesLearn more about investment Services ar Foundation

The Scott credit Union Community foundation was established early in 2018 to combine Scott credit Union’s commitment to our communities. The Community foundation was developed to expand the reach and our ability, leveraging our existing neighborhood involvement, to give earlier to the areas we serve with a charitable foundation.Learn more…about the neighborhood Foundation

CU 4 Reality

In the 2017-2018 school year, we got to 2,234 students through our CU 4 reality Program. CU 4 Reality offers a fun and also interactive learning environment where students are assigned careers and practice do purchasing decisions within a collection budget. CU 4 fact teaches the importance of “paying you yourself first” and also the consequences of gaining in over her head as soon as it involves financial matters.Read more…about’s CU 4 fact Program

VIP Program

Through ours Volunteer inspiration Program (VIP), our employees have volunteered over 21,800 hours through a selection of regional civic and also financial education and learning efforts end the past ten years. This distinctive program rewards employee for your volunteer hrs in the community.Read more…about’s VIP Program


Education is a height priority for Scott credit transaction Union. We space a proud companion of Lindenwood University-Belleville, McKendree University, southern Illinois college Edwardsville, Lewis & Clark neighborhood College, and also Southwestern Illinois College, and many area elementary, middle, and high schools.Read more…about’s education Involvement


We aid promote health and wellness in the Metro-East by supporting our neighborhood hospitals. We space proud come co-sponsor Heart health Awareness Month with Memorial Hospital, and also partner with St. Joseph’s and St. Elizabeth’s hospitals.Read more…about’s local hospital support

Salvation Army

Scott credit Union employee volunteered for 16 shifts, totaling over 36 hrs of bell ringing during the 2018 holiday season. Bell ringing is the Salvation Army’s primary method of capital its community programs for the homeless, veterans, seniors, youth, disaster, and also addiction.Read more…about’s Salvation military volunteers

People help People

This is the main point credit union philosophy. It method we’re committed to our communities, providing financial solutions to underserved populations, engaging youth and also adults through financial education, and returning earnings to ours members.Read more…about’s world Helping People

Speakers Bureau

Scott credit transaction Union’s speaker Bureau is trained to existing financial education topics come our regional communities. Speaker Bureau members gift 28 financial education and learning seminars in 2018, including topics favor Money Management, identity Theft, and also The prominence of good Credit.Read more…about’s speaker Bureau

We’re Proud that Our armed forces Background

Scott credit transaction Union was founded in may of 1943 by a team of visionaries from Scott ar who determined to develop a neighborhood credit union where the typical person could save and also borrow money. To this day, ours ties come Scott Air pressure Base and also members that the armed forces remain strong. We continue to operate as the only credit union on base and also serving our members of the armed forces is tho a main focus.Learn much more about our armed forces background and also view advantageous links.
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