Why Does mine Volume keep Going down On mine TV

TV is among the most usual pieces the entertainment at home. There are dozens of renowned brands that are famous for make TVs. Few of them room Sony, LG, TCL, Samsung, etc.

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A smart TV comes with integrated apps, such together YouTube, Netflix, and more. It additionally comes v its own processing and is capable of act plenty that features. Users may or might not require a subscription line on their TV come watch your favorite channels and shows. One internet link is additionally required for a clever TV to work-related properly.

Why Does my Volume store Going under On mine TV

Every smart house is incomplete without a smart TV. Together a matter of fact, the is the many important technology that we have at our home. Unfortunately, lot of of users have reported worries with your smart TV.

One that the most typical of these issues is that their volume automatically goes down. If you are also wondering “Why does my volume keep going under on my TV?”, then we suggest you keep analysis the article. We will certainly be exploring the reason behind why this happens.

Changing The Bitstream

The easiest and also quickest method to troubleshoot this concern is to walk to your TV’s settings. From there, navigate to sound, professional settings. Now go to HDMI input Audio Format. Every you have to do is to adjust your Bitstream to PCM.

This method has operated for a the majority of users. Hopefully, it must work because that you together well. But, if it does not, then there is one an ext thing the you can try out.

Unplugging board Volume Control

The most typical reason behind her TV automatically lowering her volume needs to do with its board volume control malfunctioning. In order to deal with it, you will must remove the ago of your TV. Now find where the on plank volume controls are. If you have actually no idea in ~ all, then us recommend browsing in the hand-operated or on the internet.

Once you recognize where that is, the following step would certainly be come unplug it. Currently reassemble the ago of her TV and also check if the difficulty persists. Usage the TV’s far to manage the TV. If the worry is resolved, then your manual manage board/button is acting up.


This is how you can fix the volume of your TV instantly going down. Just as a precaution, we’d additionally recommend pulling the end the battery from your remote. It can be the your far is the one at error here.

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Anyhow, using these approaches should work wonders because that you and also you should be able to fix the issue successfully. This specific issue is really common amongst older Samsung models. The 2 fixes mentioned above have verified to work-related flawlessly because that other world that are in a similar situation.