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Hey guys! I got this an excellent shotgun together a graduation present, and also I am searching for some history. That is my first shotgun (to own) and I\"m simply curious.Details:The shotgun is a 12 Gauge with two SxS 30 inch barresl. Top top one barrel the says:\"PROOF experiment 12 GAUGE--2 3/4 & 3 customs SHELLS--\"also, come the best of those indigenous is \"(SP)\" and what looks like the numbers 51 rotate sideways followed by a \")\"On the other it says:\"SAVAGE ARMSWESTFIELD, MASS. USAPATENT 3,005,263\"to the appropriate of these words is also \"(SP)\" and \"(5\"On the left next of the gun, over there is a serial number: \"B769132\"On the best side the the gun, there are the words: \"FOX B-series\"On the bottom the the gun is an sculpture of a Fox\"s head.The pistol is similar to this one here:


the wood engravings are precisely like the one there, but mine is a 12 gauge. Give thanks to you to anyone that can help me!
The Fox version B to be made for many years by Savage (\"SP\" is \"Savage Proof\"). It is a streamlined version of the original A.H. Fox shotguns. In turn, the Springfield 511 and Stevens 311 to be cheaper execution of the Fox design B.They space decent hunting shotguns, through no collector value. If I recognize correctly, the new Savage firm will not support the Fox B (or any kind of of the old line), however parts are easily accessible and most gunsmiths are acquainted with them.Jim
Great! I evaluate your an answer so soon! What about the history of this certain gun? do you know when around it can have been manufactured? I know the design was made until \"88, but I\"m make the efforts to narrow it under a bit. Thanks again Jim K!
I will tell friend this. These are an excellent AMERICAN make SxS shotguns. As for collector values go they have great potential. New they were about 150.00. Currently I watch then offering for $500.00 and also up. Ns love my be 20ga. Do in 1979. Keep that gun and also be proud the it. They space solid and function great.Take care of it and pass that down and also see what collector value is every about.
Just sold one in 20 ga. Because that $500, however it to be a little much better grade with a single trigger, and also it was more desirahle 보다 the 12 ga. It take it a lengthy time come sell. Most of these to be made in the fifties.
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