slug gun hunters know that modern sabot technology has elevated the 20-gauge cheese to one effective variety equaling centerfire cartridges choose the .45-70 or .454 Casull, through much less recoil than timeless 12-gauge slugs. Savage Arms" new Model 220 Bolt-Action cheese Gun provides rifle-grade 20-gauge cheese accuracy, add to rifle-grade features.

The World"s very first Trail Camera
Youth Hunter, Kaden Holzbauer, fall a double Drop Tine south Dakota Buck on opened Day

Youth Hunter, Kaden Holzbauer, autumn a dual Drop Tine south Dakota Buck on opened Day

Sam Forbes

Kansas Bowhunter Arrows substantial Typical at simply Six Yards
Texas gun Hunter shooting 206-inch Gross typical
Kansas Hunter kills 202-inch Non-typical through a Bow
South Dakota Hunter Bags 209-inch Whitetail through a Bow after ~ 12 job of searching | breaking News Buck

south Dakota Hunter Bags 209-inch Whitetail v a Bow after 12 days of searching | break News Buck

Blake Garlock

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