There are 361.43 mile from Los Angeles to Sacramento in northwest direction and also 384 mile (617.99 kilometers) by car, adhering to the I-5 N route.

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Los Angeles and Sacramento space 5 hours 44 mins much apart, if you drive non-stop.

This is the fastest course from Los Angeles, CA to Sacramento, CA. The halfway allude is Huron, CA.

Los Angeles, CA and Sacramento, CA space in the same time zone (PDT). Existing time in both areas is 3:26 pm.

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Gas Consumption and Emissions

A vehicle with a fuel performance of MPG will need 15.43 gallons of gas come cover the route between Los Angeles, CA and Sacramento, CA.

The estimated cost that gas to go from Los Angeles come Sacramento is $50.47.

During the route, an average auto will relax 302.38 pounds of CO2 to the atmosphere. The carbon footprint would certainly be 0.79 pounds the CO2 every mile.

average USA gas price provided for calculation is $3.27 every gallon of regular gas. Price last updated ~ above October 24, 2021.

Best hotels In or close to Sacramento, CA

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Halfway point Between Los Angeles, CA and also Sacramento, CA

If you want to satisfy halfway in between Los Angeles, CA and also Sacramento, CA or simply make a protect against in the center of her trip, the exact coordinates that the halfway suggest of this route are 36.160053 and also -120.171738, or 36º 9" 36.1908" N, 120º 10" 18.2568" W. This location is 192.15 miles far from Los Angeles, CA and also Sacramento, CA and it would certainly take about 2 hours 52 mins to reach the halfway point from both locations.

Closest City or city to Halfway Point

The closest city to the halfway suggest is Huron, CA, situated 192 miles from Los Angeles, CA and 198 miles native Sacramento, CA. It would certainly take 3 hours to go from Los Angeles to Huron and also 2 hrs 59 mins to go from Sacramento come Huron.

Major Cities follow me the Route

Some major cities follow me the route include east Los Angeles, CA,Glendale, CA,Burbank, CA,Santa Clarita, CA, and also Stockton, CA.

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Weather in Los Angeles and Sacramento

Compare the weather today and the next 4 days in Los Angeles, CA and Sacramento, CA:

Los Angeles

Rain tomorrow.

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